What is a terrorist group

The history of the RAF

With the "Offensive '77", the terror of the Red Army Faction (RAF) reached its climax in 1977: in April the RAF carried out an assassination attempt on the Federal Prosecutor General Siegfried Buback. In a failed kidnapping attempt in July, the terrorists shot Dresdner Bank boss J├╝rgen Ponto and in early September RAF members kidnapped the employer president Hanns-Martin Schleyer. The events during the 44 days of the hostage-taking of Schleyer, which ended with his assassination, are known as the "German Autumn" and become the greatest domestic political challenge in the history of the old Federal Republic.

The RAF was founded in 1970 after Andreas Baader was freed from prison, and dissolved itself in 1998 - after 28 years. The various terrorists of the RAF, who are divided into three generations, are responsible for 34 murders, numerous bank robberies and bomb attacks. The RAF chapter was an exception in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany; neither before nor after has there been a major challenge to the political order. For the Federal Republic of Germany, the fight against terrorists was a tough test that continues to shape it today. The Red Army Faction is still causing controversial debates, for example about the early release of former RAF terrorists or the claims against the RAF by art and pop culture. 40 years after the "German Autumn", the other story of the RAF is finally being heard - told from the perspective of the victims.