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Adult puzzles: 10 challenging sets

You will certainly not get bored with these sets

Puia Zahedi

If you spend a lot of time at home and tired of streaming and the internet, then jigsaw puzzles can be just the right solution. We introduce you to 10 products that you will certainly not get bored with and that you can use the time at home.

Use free time with puzzles for adults

If you also have enough toys for adults and board games for you or for children, puzzles can be an exciting long activity. Whether tricky brain teasers, classic puzzles with many pieces or a 3D puzzle - we have put together great brain games for adults with which you will surely make up your time.

The classic puzzle is as popular as ever, but modern and creative variations are also in. In addition to 3D puzzles, this also includes innovative ideas such as monochrome motifs that you put together entirely according to the shape of the pieces. Puzzle games also include the Rubiks Cube and we will also introduce you to tricky mind games below.

2,000 parts with a longing for the outside world

Are you at home but would like to enjoy your vacation? Then the classic puzzle "In the Vineyards" by Schmidt Spiele is just the thing. You can also hang this on the wall as a painting after the tricky assembly. The 2,000 parts ensure that you will be occupied with this for a long time.

price: around 25 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Puzzle with a sunset motif

If you are looking for other puzzles that also show a beautiful motif, the "New Horizons" puzzle from Clementoni with 2,000 pieces is also suitable for you. Not only the many parts, but also the difficult to solve sky provides many hours of puzzle with this motif.

price: around 30 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Next-level puzzle: 736 black puzzle pieces

A set of 736 pieces doesn't seem particularly demanding. But the motif of this puzzle is different from what you already know. All parts of the "Krypt Black" puzzle from Ravensburger are black. The challenge here is to put the entire puzzle together, based solely on the shape of the pieces. Real puzzle professionals are in demand here!

price: around 16 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Puzzle-Puzzle - The puzzle with a puzzle motif

Can't get enough of puzzles? Do you love puzzles so much that you want to hang up a picture of a puzzle set? Then the "jigsaw puzzle" from Puls entertainment is best for you. This motif is not only beautiful, but also very confusing when you want to put it together.

price: around 13 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Double-sided puzzle for very patient people

If you want to solve a puzzle that will keep you occupied for a long time, this brain teaser is a wonderful product. The "Impossible Puzzle" from infactory only offers 550 pieces, but the motif is not only difficult to solve, it is also double-sided. A lot of patience and puzzle experience are required here.

price: around 14 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

3D puzzle thinking game

Nowadays, puzzles not only include the classic puzzle pieces that together form a picture, but also all kinds of brain teasers. The packing cube from Logoplay Holzspiele consists of 25 identically shaped individual parts which together must result in a cube. Not only skill, but also logic is required here.

price: around 17 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Space puzzle with a sophisticated motif

The "space" puzzle from fotopuzzle.de with 1,000 pieces also brings a challenge for which you need a lot of patience and good eyesight. The parts look very similar and can keep you busy for a long time. The motif shows a colorful representation of the universe, a "bursting galaxy".

price: around 30 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Rubik's Cube - The most popular toy

The Rubiks Cube, known in German as the magic cube, has been the best-selling toy of all time since it went on sale 40 years ago and is an absolute must for puzzle fans. Some try to solve the cube at last, others "play" it for a while - no puzzle is more demanding and at the same time so timeless.

price: around 13 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 3D puzzle

If the second dimension for puzzles is too boring for you, you can easily build in three dimensions as well. With 3D puzzles, skill and sensitivity are also required to keep the puzzle together. With the "Porsche 911 GT3 Cup" 3D puzzle from Ravensburger you have an ideal set for your free time.

price: around 23 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)

Set of 9 brain teasers

With the puzzle game set from Joyeee you will be busy for a long time and can test your family and friends. Can you manage to solve each of these wooden puzzles? These puzzle games are suitable for both children and adults and can lead to long brain teasers.

price: around 26 euros on Amazon (as of 04/17/20)