What is a good calisthenics exercise program


What is calisthenics

Does calisthenics sound like a new fitness trend? Actually, this type of training is about getting along with your own body weight. Your training success is therefore by no means limited. Which training methods belong to the sport, what you should pay attention to and what the advantages are compared to weight training, you can read here simply explained.

What is trained and how?

Your entire body is asked here. What YOU normally have to catch up with with compound exercises and targeted fascia training, you get free of charge with a calisthenics training session: All muscles must work together for the correct execution of an exercise.

There are four major exercise principles:
1. Press upper body
2. Pull upper body
3. Flex / hold core muscles
4. Legs as a whole

Sprint, for example, and jumping rope are part of this discipline. You not only train muscle strength, you train movements. This is so exciting because with the right movement you are training areas on your body that you don't even think about. On the other hand, this is dangerous for beginners, overweight people and people who suffer from back problems / joint problems.
Pull-ups and pushups

Example calisthenics exercises

Would you like an example? Can you do a perfect pull-up? (Congratulations!) If not, you will work your way up there with calisthenics. You learn the movement in different steps - with distance and angle you can set your level of difficulty yourself. The same goes for pushups and dips, yes, even for squat variations.

Train in muscle groups

All of these exercises with your own body weight are calisthenics exercises. All muscle groups that need to work together to perform a movement correctly are trained together.

Game variant: sling training

Sling training is a variant of calisthenics - the slings help you to increase the level of difficulty by demanding more stabilization from you or you can use them to help, for example by holding on to them.

You have surely already got an impression of what to expect with this training. Have you already ended up discussing with friends what would be better, training with weights or with your own body weight? Basically, nothing is better or worse, but both things need to be used wisely.

More than meets the eye: You have a lot of power

You will become strong with calisthenics without question - you know these Insta Pics, where people only hold each other horizontally on their hands? But your body will look naturally muscular and athletic - not pumped up like a disc dumper.

Your advantage - there is actually power behind your appearance, because your muscles have learned to work together and you can coordinate them. Pure weight training is only aimed at specific points and can quickly lead to unbalanced training. As a result, tendon shortenings are conceivable.

The other side of the coin is there too - if you do the calisthenics exercises wrong, you run the risk of wearing out your joints and bones. Therefore, you cannot do all the exercises untrained, but have to work your way. For this purpose, we also have negative training variants and holds so that you can learn the movements at your own pace.

If you can do all of these things, you train on the principle of muscle exhaustion. But of course only on condition that the last repetition is carried out properly.

One training for everything!

Nice-strong! This is the translation of the Greek word calisthenics and it gets to the point: With your training you will achieve everything you need to be fit, healthy, enduring and attractive. The repetitions train your cardiovascular system, oxygen is pumped into all muscles and body cells, the supply of nutrients to smaller areas on and in the body is excellent, your lung capacity increases and you harden your muscles.

Not quite convinced yet? What about the fact that you can also package calisthenics exercises as HIIT? Less time spent than jogging and very inexpensive. Maybe there is a trim-you path near you? Most of the devices there are based on the calisthenics principles. Alternatively, a sofa, bathtub rim and door frame are also sufficient.

Curious? Then take a look at my training plan. The results will amaze you! Also something for crossfit friends and cross runners!