I am thin

BMI calculator: am I too fat or too thin?

Beauty is relative and opinions are also divided when it comes to the ideal figure. But there is no arguing about health, because it can be assessed objectively. The BMI helps quite simply: The abbreviation stands for "Body-Mass-Index" and was developed by medical professionals. But you don't have to be a doctor to use the helper. Gala.de explains briefly how it works and does the math for you.

The BMI calculator and the age

You can use the index to assess whether you are underweight or overweight or obese. Just measure your weight and height and off you go! But be careful: people often forget to take age into account. This changes the assessment decisively, because the ideal value shifts up to 5 points over the years. The following table shows which category you are in. Only those who are under 19 have to be patient until he or she can calculate his or her body mass index.

19 - 24 years19 - 24
25 - 34 years

20 - 25

35 - 44 years21 - 26
45 - 54 years22 - 27
55 - 64 years23 - 28
> 64 years24 - 29

How does a BMI calculator work?

If you look at the calculation method, you can see that this is not a rocket science. You simply divide your own body weight by the square of your height. So the formula is:

BMI = x KG / x meters²

If you feel like it, you can calculate your BMI yourself. However, the simplicity of the rating system is also a gateway for misdiagnosis ...

Bad values ​​= bad health?

The index can be an indication of a weight that is too low or too high in relation to its size. So it is advisable to land in the green, that is, to bring normal weight on the scales. But if the BMI calculator gives you an unpleasant result, you don't have to despair immediately: the scale is not suitable for very small or very large people. A small body size, for example, causes the BMI to increase more than is absolutely realistic - after all, this is below the fraction line. And even muscular people cannot expect accurate results, since muscles weigh more than fat and are not at all a sign of poor physical condition, on the contrary!

BMI calculator - all lazy magic?

So is it best not to calculate your BMI in the first place? Far from it, you should only do the test as a test. The waist circumference also plays a role and ultimately it is not taken into account in the BMI. If women are more than 88 centimeters in circumference or men are more than 102 centimeters in the middle and the diagnosis is overweight, it is important to BE CAREFUL! Down with the pounds or your health suffers. Because if you put on too much belly fat, your blood sugar level is higher and your blood pressure is also above the recommended level. With enough exercise and a healthy, balanced diet, most can achieve healthy values ​​again.

WHtR for the waist circumference

Do you want to be even more precise, like with the BMI calculator? The "WHtR" was developed for this. The 4 letters stand for "Waist-to-Height-Ratio" and this test determines the ratio of waist to height. And if you calculate this together with the Body Mass Index, you will know exactly whether you are too full, too lean or simply of normal weight!