Rattlesnakes are good pets

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4 Additional arguments in italics: Arguments for keeping a dog in the home Arguments for keeping a dog outdoors (= against keeping a dog in the home) • Dog cannot find a loophole and break out. • Noises that could scare the dog are muffled. • Dog in the house is a more effective guardian. • Dogs do not get dirty easily, and cannot be injured or become ill. • Dog becomes more trusting and is not alone as often. • Dog is always there when you want to play with him. • There is less need to walk the dog. • He can always relieve himself. • He has more variety outside. • He gets fresh air and exercise and therefore stays fit. • He cannot drain his frustration on furniture or carpets. • Dog does not make the apartment dirty (e.g. hair). • Dog does not disturb, e.g. by barking or when he wants to play. Page 50/51 1 You could address the following points in the mind map: poisonous / non-poisonous species? - Height - Weight - Appearance - Relationship (worms?) - Locomotion - Muscles / bones? - dandruff - moulting - rattling - snakeskin - way of life - distribution - in Austria? - threatend species? - Snakes as pets - in the zoo - can you breed them? 2/3 Additional information in italics Properties usually extremely toxic Appearance, size, weight from 1/2 m to over 2 m in length, with rattle or rattle, blotchy or jagged skin; from a few hundred grams up to 9 kg behaviors rattle when they are aroused or in danger; react sensitively to changes in weather Habitat Canada to Argentina (moist forests, savannas or deserts) sunny, desolate heights that are bordered by fertile, grassy valleys, rivers or streams, food small mammals (rats, rabbits, birds) care, keeping without any problems: Feeding, cleaning the terrarium, occasional visits to the vet; Keeping in a heated and illuminated terrarium Diseases mostly result from improper keeping (e.g. parasite infestation); they are problematic because drugs usually have to be force-fed, which can be quite dangerous. Costs of purchase: from a few euros (price according to size, age and rarity) Equipment: terrarium (including heating and lighting) - expensive housing: feed, electricity, Veterinarian 4 arguments for keeping snakes as pets: Rattlesnakes as pets are rather unusual, so it can be more exciting to observe the animals; Rattlesnakes can be kept in a species-appropriate manner; smaller rattlesnakes aren't expensive at all; caring for rattlesnakes is easier and less time-consuming than keeping a dog, for example. Arguments against keeping snakes as pets: rattlesnakes are boring (you cannot play with them); Appropriate keeping is quite expensive (terrarium, heating, etc.); the animals are z. Sometimes very poisonous, even the smallest mistake can be dangerous; those who keep a rattlesnake have their food (mice, rats, etc.) as their "pet" at the same time. Page 52/53 1 I think… great; In my opinion …; I don't like ... I can't stand ... 2 Opinions can express, for example, adjectives (“Funny book!”, “Boring movie!”) And verbs (love, hate, disgust, dislike, etc.). In addition, there are numerous expressions that directly identify an opinion as such (eg think, believe, think, hold for, be of the opinion, assume, apparently, allegedly, probably, presumably, it seems, the point of view / the Take my view, be convinced). 3 argument: because they transmit diseases 4 further arguments could be: because they are not house trained; due to the fact that they gnaw on everything; because of their general unpopularity. - Rats are very sociable animals; are easy and cheap to hold; are not expensive and do not take up a lot of space. 5/6 Zuppi's main argument could be that she takes responsibility and is also responsible for the damage (waiver of pocket money, additional cleaning service, etc.). She will also promise to take better care in the future and tell the father how much she loves the piglet and how much it really is. - The father could say that pigs are unsuitable as pets (nor do they feel comfortable) and cannot be controlled. He will also point out that Rudi is still a piglet and the problems are likely to get bigger and bigger and Zuppi is not yet up to the responsibility. 7 You can use the solutions to exercises 5 and 6 here. Make sure that Zuppi and her father speak to each other politely and objectively. Page 55 1 Hanna is a super hen who is very old. She can also speak, write and is very strong. 2 a) live; b) will; c) would be 3 a) I spanked him once when (= introductory word) he wanted to kidnap a chicken. b) But it is just so common that (= introductory word) the hole is closed in the evening. c) Because we chickens like to be warm too (= introductory word), we live on a spacious step in the kitchen in winter. d) And there is nothing more wonderful than bathing in this sand when (= introductory word) it is pleasantly warmed by the sun. 4 on which we can sit - through which we can go out and come in - as we wish - so that the fox Bartholomew cannot enter. 5 introductory words for constituent clauses: because, with it, after, how, on which, through that, although, during, until, by… Page 56/57 1 a) The chickens consider Hanna to be the leader, because Hanna is strong and clever. b) The roosters fled after Hanna had beaten them properly. c) The roosters had to let Hanna rule, even though they thought they could drive Hanna out. d) A handsome young cock wanted to ingratiate itself with Hanna by being very tender at first. 2 a) When he wanted to kidnap a chicken, I spanked him once. b) That the hole is closed in the evening is just so common. 3 On a sightseeing flight = beginning of the main sentence that she undertakes to strengthen her flight muscles = limb or attribute sentence 1 Hanna discovers a large chicken factory one day and learns = end of the main sentence that many chickens have to live in such halls = limb sentence 2 that have never seen the light of day have = link or attribute set 3 4 On a sightseeing flight that she undertakes to strengthen her flight muscles, Hanna discovers a large chicken factory one day and learns that there are many chickens living in such halls that have never seen the light of day. 5 a) After she has returned home, Hanna asks the farmer (= main clause) with whom she lives, what is it with these chicken factories, one of which she had just seen. b) The farmer (= beginning of the main clause), who once read a report in a magazine about such battery packs, explains to Hanna (= continuation of the main clause), who still cannot believe what she has seen (= End of main clause). 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