How was your experience with menopause

I didn't find menopause uncomfortable

I also talked to other women of the same age about it. They are no longer a taboo subject. Other women have had very difficult times during menopause. But that was not the case with me.

I also had hot flashes, mostly at night. But it wasn't that often. When I've had hot flashes, I've found them very uncomfortable, especially in professional life. I always got very warm at first, then hot and then I broke out in a sweat. It was always very uncomfortable on duty because you couldn't let it show. It was difficult because the color of one's face changed with a hot flush. That was very uncomfortable. Otherwise I had no discomfort or pain. Even before that, I had no problems with my menstrual period.

I have a very good gynecologist who has looked after me for many years. He said I don't have to take any medication during or after the menopause. I always kept myself informed and also went to lectures. There was this study from America and then it was no longer an option for me to take it. I didn't take any medication.

I think that during the I became more independent. I went to lectures alone or attended theater performances. During this time my first grandchild was born. I then focused on that. I think I tried to subconsciously adapt to the new situation in life.