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Amy Macdonald taught herself to play the guitar at a young age.

A young Scottish woman has been delighting music fans all over the world for years: Amy Macdonald had her international breakthrough in 2007 with her album "This Is The Life". Since then she has continued to perfect her mix of pop and folk. The record "The Man Who" by the Scottish band Travis laid the foundation for their musical career. The mixture of melancholy and happiness hits the nerve of twelve year old Amy. Amy Macdonald suddenly realizes: She wants to make music too. And so she teaches herself the first chords on her dad's guitar and begins to write songs.

"This Is The Life": House arrest put to good use

Amy Macdonald got the idea for her hit "This Is The Life" four years later, after going to a concert with her friends. "We stayed up all night after the concert, alternating between playing guitar and singing. Until five in the morning. It was a fantastic night with great friends!" For the night through, 16-year-old Amy is house arrested by her parents. But that can't shock Amy. She is too happy with her friends over the night. And a ban on going out doesn't mean a ban on guitars. "Luckily the guitar was in my room. So I used the house arrest and wrote 'This Is The Life' about that night with my friends. Because that was exactly my feeling: to go through the night, to be with friends - that is life! "

Auditions with producers

Amy performs her songs in cafes and pubs - and makes test recordings of them. She sends it to producer and songwriter Pete Wilkinson, who is looking for new talent via an advertisement. He promptly invites her to audition. "I had invited 20 singers, but none of them were as good live as they were at the demos. Really disappointing. But then Amy came in: she sang two songs, 'Mr Rock' n 'Roll' and 'This Is The Life', and I was off my feet, I said, 'Amy, who wrote these songs?' and she said, 'Me!' I couldn't believe it. She had those two hits with her - and was ready to make something of them. "

Pete Wilkinson helps Amy re-record her demos - just six months later she got her recording deal. For the first album she hardly has to change these demo recordings - only drums and bass are added to the songs. So "This Is The Life" sounds largely like Amy Macdonald wrote the song back then: under house arrest in her nursery.

The story was a hit

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