What is content language

Working with multiple languages

Many large websites offer their content in several languages. Episerver has good support for multilingual management, including the ability to translate content into a wide variety of languages, define alternate languages ​​for untranslated content, and switch between languages ​​for editorial purposes user interface.

How does Episerver know which language to display to visitors? Episerver forces the language to be recognizable in the URL, path, or domain part of the URL. When a website visitor chooses a language option (if any), content will appear in that language. Alternatively, the preferred language of the content display can be recognized by the browser used by the visitor. If there is no content in a selected language, an alternative measure can be taken.

Enable content languages

A web page usually has a standard or master content language set up at the time of installation. In addition to the master language, the language in which the first version of the content was created. Your website can be set up with several other content languages. An administrator can activate languages. See Managing Website Languages.

Administrators can also set up different access rights for different languages. This means that you can have access to content in English and French, but not in German and Spanish.

User interface languages

The Episerver user interface is available in a number of different languages. To set the desired user interface language for CMS, click on your user profile name in the upper right corner. Choose My settings > Show options. Select from the drop-down list Personal language select the language you want and click to save.

Commerce and multilingualism

See Multilingual Management in the Commerce section for working with multiple languages ​​if you have Episerver Commerce installed.

Episerver Search & Navigation and multilingualism

See Optimizing multiple websites and languages ​​for working with multiple languages ​​if you have Episerver Search & Navigation (formerly Episerver Find) installed.