Why would anyone go to Chapman University


For whom?

The course is aimed at high-performing Bachelor graduates with a great interest in experimental economics and very good methodological knowledge.

Find out more about the Master of Science in Behavioral and Computational Economics (MSBCE) on the Chapman University website!

After successfully completing your master's degree, you have a good chance of being accepted as a doctoral candidate or assistant in the Quantitative Methods department of our faculty.

Requirements for an application

For your application to be successful, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You are currently in the 5th semester of your bachelor's degree (or have recently completed it).

  • Your (expected) final bachelor's grade is at least 5.3.

  • You have very good grades in the methodological subjects (such as Maths 1 + 2, Statistics, Introduction to Econometrics and Applied Econometrics, but also in subjects such as Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics and Programming).

  • You pass the GRE test. For a successful application it is important to prepare carefully for this test and it early take the test, i.e. you should have taken the test by December at the latest.

  • TOEFL test

  • In addition, there are the other formal requirements (certificates, transcript of records, letters of recommendation, etc.), which are also listed on the Chapman University website.

If you meet all of these requirements, there is an opportunity to receive a Chapman University Scholarship. This means that you will be exempt from paying tuition fees.

The students themselves have to pay their own living expenses. Depending on the situation on site, there is the possibility of obtaining an assistant assistant position and thus being able to cover part of the living costs. However, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Basel has no influence on this decision by Chapman University.

How next?

If you have any questions about the application requirements and the application process, please contact the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Business and Economics (Ms. Esther Ziegler).

Only inquiries from graduates of the Faculty of Business and Economics can be processed.

You submit your official application dossier directly to Chapman University.