What are good headphones for work

The best headphones for the office

Peter Müller

Headphones that you wear to work or only while you are at work meet different requirements than those for sports. Some of the models we tested cut a good figure not only in the office.

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Anyone who works in a call center or otherwise just telephones all day cannot be satisfied with a simple headset. Voice transmission via mobile phone and landline network is not always of the highest quality, then it is only important that the listener reproduces the frequencies of the voice with some degree of distortion.

But if you listen to music in addition to occasional or frequent phone calls to distract or to support your workflow or want to isolate yourself from ambient noise in a bustling open-plan office or when traveling, you need a solution that on the one hand offers good voice quality for phone calls and on the other hand does not compromise Makes music playback. We looked at a few solutions that can be used in the office, while traveling, and even while exercising.

Jabra Evolve 75

Not all of the headphones we tested are immediately recognizable as a headset, but this is not the case with the Jabra Evolve 75. At first glance, this Bluetooth handset presents itself as headphones for making calls, the rotating microphone boom is its most noticeable feature. In our test, the Evolve not only convinces with phone calls that we make via iPhone or Mac software (Swyx), but above all when playing music. The 40 mm driver does not reproduce particularly powerful bass, but the sound is very balanced and clear, and largely free of distortion even at higher volumes. For technical reasons, Active Noise Canceling is particularly effective in restless, humorous environments, as the technology mainly filters out low frequencies. The padded ear cups block speech quite well, especially when the music is playing. The scope of delivery includes a practical stand on which you can recharge the Evolve 75 again and again, the battery lasts 15 hours.


Price: 340 euros, from 190 euros in price comparison

Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

EnlargePlantronics Voyager 8200 UC

At first glance, they seem like headphones for relaxed music enjoyment in the living room and since they sound like that, nothing speaks against using them as such. Especially since it also offers a jack socket in addition to the wireless interface, it also makes it interesting for music production, as there are no latencies over cables. But the Voyager 8200 UC is also ideally suited as a headset, the microphones are built into the front of the ear cups - which is why you always have to put the receiver on the right way round. However, this also makes it easier to clearly identify the material in front of the membranes. The hardware for the active noise canceling also helps to put speech through the closed headphones, the isolation of which is quite strict even without music playing. Another positive aspect is the ability to switch to HD Voice in the app for phone calls, so the voice quality doesn't drop too much compared to that of the music. Siri can be activated with a long click on the phone button, our voice assistant also understands us quite well. The Voyager 8200 UC is comparatively expensive with a price of around 420 euros (the manufacturer asked for it), but it offers a lot of sound. Read the full review here ...

Manufacturer : Plantronics

Price:from 245 euros in price comparison

Bose Quiet Control 30: Rich sound in the office

Those who, on the other hand, place much more emphasis on the sound of the music in the office than on mobility, for example, will find the ideal solution in the Quiet Control 30. In the test, we were particularly impressed by the sound quality, which is at least very close to that of high-quality OverEars. The neckband headphones may be a little unsuitable for sport, but their excellent active noise canceling makes them the ideal travel companion. The fact that you can also make phone calls with it even seems a little unimportant to us, we love listening to the music. Music lovers and frequent travelers will hardly be bothered by the price of 300 euros, only the app has small weaknesses. Read the full review here.

price : from 258 in the price comparison

Jabra Evolve 75e: Comfortable to wear

EnlargeJabra Evolve 75e. We don't need the Bluetooth dongle to increase the range: Macbook Pro ...

The design of the Evolve 75e from Jabra is the same as the Bose QC 30: A neckband contains the electronics and a vibration motor, and the headphone cable - the right one with a microphone - is attached to it. The entire system is comfortable to wear, the bracket only presses gently into the neck, but reports with powerful vibrators when the function buttons are operated. On the right leg of the bracket are those for louder and quieter, with which you can go to the previous or next piece with a longer press, in between the multi-function button with which you can switch the Evolve 75e on and off, or select the last number by double-clicking leaves. For other phone calls it is better to let Siri help you - it is activated by tapping a button on the left part of the handle. Telephoning also works quite well, the Evolve 75e has a total of three microphones and thus filters out background noise. Although we understand our counterpart better than ourselves, because the silicone earplugs are so tight that we only hear our own voice through bone conduction.

The passive noise cancellation is quite good, but the Jabra Evolve 75e also has an active one built in: Active Noise Canceling (ANC). To be honest, it is difficult for us to hear the difference between an activated and deactivated ANC in the office - this mainly works at lower frequencies and mainly filters out hum. But our skulls are buzzing, and colleagues who are engrossed in conversation are difficult to ignore. If you just turn on the music, this and the very good passive damping help well. If we then want to hear what they are chatting, we press the ANC button a little longer and the electronics send the signal picked up by the microphones through to the auricles. For better adaptation, Jabra also supplies three pairs of silicone covers for the drivers and three pairs of earwings - the pre-installed configuration fits us quite well. The design with the EarWings has advantages especially for those who wear glasses, other neck headphones grip the auricle with a bracket and come into conflict with those of the glasses.

The sound is excellent for the design, bass and pleasant mids and highs. Like the OverEar from the same manufacturer, it is a solution for those who want to make calls in the office from time to time, but otherwise like to remain undisturbed.


Price:From 158 euros in price comparison

Noontech Hammo Wireless: Inexpensive alternative

EnlargeNoontech Hammo Wireless

Last summer we tested a solution for the living room from Noontech, the Hammo TV only convinced us to a limited extent because the headphones that went with it produced a rather muffled sound that we couldn't do much with, either on the TV or as an iPhone receiver , iPad or Mac. With the Hammo Wireless, however, the manufacturer proves that it can also do better sound. Sure, these are not high-end headphones, despite the promise that they are "Professional Monitor Headphones". After all, the Hammo Wireless fulfills a significant part of this requirement, as in addition to the connection via Bluetooth it also offers a 3.5 millimeter jack cable. This is pleasantly long, which suits us enormously when making music. In general, we are pleased with the Hammo Wireless in our garage tape production, because because of the latencies that occur with wireless connections, we are urgently dependent on cables here. And even if the sound is not outstanding, it reproduces our tooting very well, especially in the bass due to the larger design, but the slides on the guitar fingerboard can also be heard clearly. For its price, the Hammo Wireless offers fine performance. It is comfortable to wear, the Hammo Wireless is pleasantly light for its size, but the pull-out brackets are just long enough for us with big heads. The Noontech Hammo Wireless has no built-in active suppression of ambient noise, but the shielding is good enough to allow you to work in peace. Conversely, bystanders and those seated hear more of our sound system than they should like.

We don't just work with GarageBand on the Mac, we also have to make calls from time to time. Due to the lack of a microphone, the Hammo Wireless is only suitable to a limited extent for this, although we can answer a call with a button on the left shell, but our phone should be nearby and have its own microphone activated. Since the iPhone either retains its own sound output and input or sends it to external devices, a telephony scenario is only conceivable on the computer - but that's what the Hammo Wireless was designed for. It can also only be paired wirelessly with one device at a time; if we want to switch, we first have to remove the pairing. We still get sound from two sources at the same time, because if we connect it to the Mac with a cable, we can still hear what the iPhone is making via Bluetooth.


price : 170 euros (Amazon)

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

EnlargePlantronics Backbeat Pro 2

The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 is an excellent and balanced sounding earphone for music lovers, but is also great for everyday business use, both in the office and when traveling. He leaves little to be desired. The price of 250 euros is appropriate for the quality. The Plantronics Back Beat Go 2 makes compromises as headphones for music fans on the one hand and as a headset for office workers. But this is not a devaluation, because the solutions offered by the Californian manufacturer know how to please. Active noise cancellation (ANC) is aimed primarily at business travelers. Wherever it is loud and you want to withdraw to your music, you switch it on: on the plane, at the train station or in a meeting. You can read the detailed test here ...

Manufacturer : Plantronics

price : 190 euros (Amazon)

In comparison: Bluetooth headphones with noise canceling for travelers

EnlargeNC headphones in comparison

Also suitable for the office: with the Bose QuitComfort 35, Sony MDR-1000X and Teufel Mute BT, you are completely absorbed in the music even in noisy surroundings. In the past, if you were looking for noise-canceling headphones with the best sound, there was no getting around Bose. The race is no longer so clearly on her. The noise canceling is still great, but the Sony is not much worse in our test. And in the sound? All three representatives show their qualities. Overall, however, the Sony is just about the first to cross the finish line. Whether you give precedence to the devil or the evil one is a matter of taste, because both address a very different clientele with their vote. You can read the detailed test here.