Is PR seen as growth hacking

Growth hacking

Is Social Media the Ultimate Growth Hacking Tool?

When you surf the internet you will find that there are practically hundreds of Hacking Tools for Growth gives. Each of them serve a specific stage in the funnel of growth hacking, which consists of:

  • Acquisition
  • activation
  • Retention
  • revenue
  • recommendation

To claim that social media is the ultimate growth hacking tool in every way would be grossly exaggerated. However, one has to admit that this is an important area that social media users not only use for communication, but increasingly also on the Search for relevant information explore. That is why brands of all conceivable industries and sizes use its enormous potential for marketing purposes.

What was once a rarity has now become normal: In addition to communication and mutual tracking, people also use social media to make purchasing decisions. Actually be Every day over 70% of purchase decisions are triggered by social contributions! That of course makes it a necessity for companies to be where their potential customers are.

Is Social Growth Hacking The Right Tool For You?

Social media growth hacking strategies are particularly useful for professionals such as bloggers, vloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, (online) business owners, marketing and PR agencies, marketers, etc. In principle, anyone who runs a company can use social media platforms to:

  • generate a larger number of leads,
  • Increase sales
  • build a network
  • raise awareness of important issues,
  • expand the online presence of a brand,

to name just a few examples.

Social media isn't just about paid advertising

Even though social media platforms offer the opportunity to advertise, they don't really care about the marketing budget. The underlying goal is reach future consumers And thereby To increase your business. For this reason, social media marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective options, to the Increase your company's visibility. It's an easy and quick way to engage directly with a wider audience that can give your brand the recognition it needs to expand.

Since social networks are already extremely dynamic and developing at an insane rate, assuming you employ the right growth hacking strategies, you won't have to wait long to see the results you want. But there's nothing that influences that viral content on your online success can come even close.

Virality of things and acquisition channels

Virality - or its conscious use in the context of the viral marketing - is a phenomenon that is closely related to social networks. Similar to the way a virus spreads from person to person, the term refers to how information about a product is disseminated through social platforms.

There is a wealth of information on how to viralize a video on the internet. However, all of these posts have the following elements in common:

  1. Timing: Proper timing for a video's release seems to be a major factor in a clip's viral success. For example, if a new, long-awaited blockbuster comes out and you publish something related to that movie, your video is guaranteed to get a lot of viewers.
  2. Pop Culture Expectations: Leverage Pop Culture. People are more inclined to pass on a video if it has something they like and already know, like a catchy tune.
  3. Surprise: clips that impress the viewer with unconventional creativity or make them say, “What the hell was I watching?
  4. Internet sharing habits: Combining sharing habits - the general public's love of small animals, to take just one example - with something relevant increases the likelihood that a video will spread.

Blendtec and its “Will it blend?” Campaign is probably one of the most frequently cited role models for the effectiveness of virality on a very low budget. The blender maker demonstrated in a series of videos that its blender can grind anything from iPods, air soft guns, glow sticks, golf balls to cameras and even a ski.

While virality and referrals are a scalable acquisition channel, there are many more options worth exploring. If you have never dealt with this topic before, you should clarify the following questions in advance:

  • Which channels should I focus on?
  • Where should I start?
  • How do I know if a channel is working well for me?

Scalable channels for acquisition

Paid acquisition

This option is pretty straightforward: the more you pay, the more customers you get. Make sure the Lifetime Value (LTV) Your customer yours Acquisition Cost (CAC) exceeds - the recommended ratio is a maximum of 3: 1 LTV: CAC. What about creating a List of keywords, the Using Google tools to track the campaign or the Preparation of a budget As far as concerns itself, there are many helpful testimonials online to guide you through this process.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is a fact that optimized pages with high quality content - be it reviews, articles or landing pages - have greater potential to attract thousands, even millions, of new users looking for information. Therefore, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of how SEO works and how success can be tracked and measured.


Even if the sale is a very manual and unscalable process at the beginning, the goal is a profitable and repeatable sales process to develop. As long as you have 50 registrations per month, getting people on board and showing them off could be pretty easy. But once you've hit the hundreds or thousands of new leads per month, you may need advice on when to scale and how to go about it.

Content marketing

Content that people actually want to read and that is also well distributed is an icebreaker in terms of sympathy and trust between you and your users. They can be immensely helpful when it comes to removing sales resistance from potential customers.

Public Relations (PR)

PR is the perfect way to get attention beyond your own inner circle. It allows you to reach a much wider audience and get your product in front of people whom you would otherwise probably never have had access to. There are insightful guides on the internet on how to achieve media coverage. According to Buffer's Leo Widrich, the trick is to great stories to tell, the Meet writers you want to work with and most importantly make sure you do regularly reported about it.

Social media acquisition

Social media platforms are primarily about Build and maintain relationships. They can be used as a supplement to traditional customer acquisition processes. Sure, a company's site or groups can be used for this purpose, but the most imaginative channels still rely primarily on them Reach of influencers. Even if it can be very tempting to get carried away by a large number of like-minded people or good division rates, one must not forget that in the end it really comes down to the newly acquired customers.

Email marketing

Believe it or not, having access to your prospects' inboxes and deepening your relationship with them is still considered to be one of the best ways to Generate high quality leads. Chris Hexton, co-founder of the email marketing platform Vero, managed to increase his conversions by 450% through email marketing. His key to success: He applied targeting, segmentation and automation.