How is the barn separated from the flour?

Grain cultivation in the Salzburg mountain areas

Cleaning mill, Bramberg Museum
Gmachlmühle at the Kirchenwirt in Bucheben

In the Salzburg mountain areas was until the 1960s Grown cereals.


Wheat, rye, oats and barley were grown. Wheat and rye for flour and bread, oats and barley as feed grain. The cultivation was carried out for personal use.

Grain harvest

The ears of wheat were cut with a sickle, tied into sheaves and dried on hoists. Introduced by horse and cart, the harvest was stored on the barn floor (troadkar) until it was threshed. Threshing was done with flails until the 1930s. Then came the first threshing machines that were still driven by a draft animal by means of a drumstick. Petrol engines were later connected until it was possible to thresh with electricity. (Only rye, the straw of which was to be used for bed-straw sacks, was still threshed with flails in order to preserve its long stalks, which were bundled together as "scrapers", which was not possible when threshing with the threshing machine.) After threshing the grain is cleaned in the cleaning mill by separating the chaff from the whole grain by means of mechanical generation of a draft of air.

Grinding and Milling

In the ditches closest to the farms and suitable for the construction of mills, there was a so-called Gmachl mill, in which only the farm's own grain was allowed to be ground. One rural mill after another stood by some of the streams. Some mills were owned by several farmers and were used jointly. A servant or the farmer had to stay in the mill during the grinding process. The flour was carried to the farm in Butten or, where possible, transported to the farm by cart. Unmilled grain was either kept in a troad box or in a chest, the flour in chests.

Bread and pastries

Bread was baked from rye flour. After a bad harvest, barley flour had to be added. The rural flour dishes were made from wheat flour, the bran served as chicken feed. Rolled barley (peeled barley) was a popular addition to smoked meat.

Feed grain

Whole grain was fed barley and wheat to the chickens and oats to the horses. In the past, only pigs got crushed barley.


  • Text written together with Theresia Oblasser for an exhibition of farm equipment at the Brandstätthof on the Taxenbacher Sonnberg.