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Marauder from 1978: Normal

Sirius & Remus from 1995: Italic

They stared at each other for a few seconds while Dumbledore already poured the firewhiskey. Finally it was the dark blonde who broke the silence. "Oh you shit"

The two adults exchanged a look. "Please tell me you can see her too," muttered the blonde, the black-haired nodded slowly. "Maybe we're dreaming," he said. "Pinch
me ma-AU! "" What the? You wanted me to pinch you! "" Yeah yeah, okay Moony "As soon as he had uttered the words he froze. The blonde put a hand over his forehead." Great, Pad "he sighed and turned back to the teenagers .

Remus had had a strange feeling since they'd arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place. They were supposedly in a different time, in Sirius 'parents' house and he honestly had no idea what exactly had happened. But when the black-haired man called his counterpart Moony, he had completely given up trying to understand what was going on here. But he wasn't the only one who had noticed the nickname, Sirius and James stared at the adults in front of them in disbelief as well.

Moony wasn't a common name, and the blonde had called his friend Pad, a nickname that only Remus brought to Sirius. Even James never said Pad to Sirius, always Padfoot or Sirius.
"Okay, what's the damn thing going on? Why does he call him Moony ?!" James asked, crossing his arms, the confusion clearly visible. "Uhm" the black-haired man scratched his neck. "You see, the thing is, we are, you. So from the future," he explained.

Sirius thought he had misheard. Please what?! "But, you can't be us from the future," he protested, the black-haired man looking at him. "And why not?" asked he. Sirius opened his mouth to throw a good argument at him, but then closed it again without saying anything. "Maybe we should imagine, that should bring some clarity," said the blonde and ran his hand through his hair. "I'm Remus Lupine and this is Sirius Black. The older versions of you two," Remus pointed to the younger versions of him and Sirius.

James swallowed. Oh Merlin. He glanced at Remus and Sirius, but they were too busy staring at their future selves (or was that the present?). James frowned and glanced at the two adults as well. If you looked closely, they had a certain resemblance. But Remus, senior? Could he call him senior yet? He didn't look that old, he was probably in his mid-thirties now. Anyway, that wasn't the Remus he knew. The Remus he knew ran through the hallways, grinning happily, playing pranks, laughing and being a marauder with passion. But the guy in front of him? There were a few strands of gray in his hair, he had scars on his face (and James was sure they weren't all battle scars) and he looked strangely tired.

The older Sirius didn't look any better either and couldn't be compared to his Sirius. The Sirius he knew, his best friend, wasn't pale. He didn't look tired or that serious either. A lot had to happen that he saw Sirius seriously. And, almost most importantly, where was he himself? If Remus & Sirius Sr. were there, why wasn't he too? After all, that was a journey back in time! You didn't see it that often! And James was sure that if he found out that a younger version of him was running around at Hogwarts, he'd be dying to know and see!

Peter was also absent, but James wasn't really worried about that. Instead, he looked at Remus and Sirius and fixed them with his gaze. "Where am I?" asked he. Now everyone gave him confused looks, not only Remus and Sirius, but also the two marauders from his day. "Prongs, we already had that, we're at the grip-" James shook his head. "No, I mean where am I? My older me?"

It got quiet. Sirius swallowed. He glanced at Remus for help, but Remus just shrugged and looked at him just as helplessly. What should he tell him? Oh yeah, didn't we mention that, you're dead already? He looked questioningly at Sirius and nodded in the direction of James. Sirius nodded. "Hello? Are we still here too?" James now spoke up, he finally wanted to know what was going on here. Remus looked at him, almost sadly, which confused James even more, but before he could say anything Remus got ahead of him. "Sit down. It's- it's a long story," he said, turning to McGonagall and Dumbledore. "We'll give you some time," promised Dumbledore, took a glass of firewhisky for himself, handed McGonagall a glass as well, and the two left the kitchen.

"So?" Sirius asked, looking at the older self expectantly. They were seated at the table, Remus and Sirius across from them. "Well, well, a lot has happened here in the future," Sirius began, clearing his throat. "It is probably best for us to tell you, not that you find out from someone else by accident," he said, Remus nodded. "The important story actually starts after your, ours - after graduation. James, you are marrying Lily"

James' eyes went as big as plates. "WHAT?" he shouted, staring at the two adults, speechless. He blinked. "Oh Merlin. Oh Merlin. I'm marrying Lily. Lily and I are getting married" a big grin appeared on his face. "Moony, Padfoot, I'M MARRYING LILY!" he called and beamed at his friends. Sirius patted him on the back. "Fine, Mr. Potter," he said, Remus grinning. It was about time that the two stubborn heads understood that they loved each other. It had not escaped him, however, that Sirius and Remus smiled, but it was a sad smile, almost forced. Sirius seemed to have noticed his gaze as he continued speaking.

"You are going to have a son, Harry James Potter," he continued, James' grin widening if possible. Harry James Potter. Had something. But he didn't have much time to look forward to it, as Sirius was already continuing. "Actually everything was fine, but the war was still going on. Voldemort has gained supporters, there have been more and more attacks on muggles and wizards. We have joined the Order of the Phoenix, an organization that fought against Voldemort. Everything went well for a while , but then we found out we had a spy among us. And, there, there was a prophecy that only Harry or Voldemort could survive "

James' grin fell from his face and gave way to an expression of pure horror. "You, you, Lily and Harry, you had to hide, with the help of the Fidelius Charm." Sirius swallowed. Remus went on, but found it difficult to pronounce the words, too. "You were looking for a Keeper and you, James, wanted Sirius first. But even if Sirius had died for you, it was too obvious. So you took Peter as Keeper, he and Sirius swapped." Sirius' hands clenched Fists and he looked to the side, Remus closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "So Peter became your secret-keeper, but only you knew it. For everyone else, Sirius was still your secret-keeper, nobody knew that you had traded. Not even me"

James paused and looked at Remus. Why shouldn't he tell him something like that? Remus was one of his best friends! Remus met his gaze, but then looked at the table in front of him. He chewed his lip, James could see Remus' confusion clearly. He looked at Sirius, but Sirius looked confused too, and he gave Remus a concerned look. Remus continued speaking, rousing James from his thoughts.

"Actually we thought everything would be fine now. But then-" his voice broke. "-then Peter betrayed you to Voldemort. He was the spy. Voldemort came to you on Halloween evening 1981 and- he killed you and Lily. Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself for him But that's not all. Sirius wanted to confront Peter, but Peter faked his own death, killed thirteen muggles and fled in his animagus form. Sirius came to Azkaban "

James was bad, he felt like he was going to throw up any minute. 1981. That meant, should he get back to his time, he still had three years to live. James wrapped his arms around his stomach and swallowed. Lily would die too. His son would grow up without parents. Peter had betrayed her. Peter. Little Peter Pettigrew, who didn't even dare to leave the castle at night unless at least James and Sirius were with him. Peter Pettigrew, her friend.

Sirius' mind raced. He had a headache. James was dead. His best friend was dead. And all because of Peter, just because Peter betrayed her. How could Peter do such a thing! James was his friend! They were the marauders, damn it! They were best friends, all four! Sirius looked at James, who looked like a ghost. He had his arms wrapped around him and his lips pressed together. Sirius swallowed and got up before walking up to James and pulling the black-haired man into a hug. James was only too happy to return the hug and just clung to Sirius.

They just stood there for a few moments, then James broke away from Sirius. "Moony?" he asked in a trembling voice, looking at Remus. The young werewolf was still staring at the table in front of him, he was pale, even paler than usual. Peter had betrayed his own friends. Sirius had come to Azkaban, but he was sitting in front of him now. Or, at least the older version of Sirius. How long had he been in Azkaban? Why did he come to Azkaban at all? Wasn't there a trial? Why had no one helped Sirius? "Moony?" James repeated his question, but Remus ignored him.

"How long have you been in Azkaban?" he asked softly, his eyes fixed on Sirius. He looked at him with a mixture of sadness, anger and pity. "Twelve years," he replied. "Then I managed to escape". Remus felt like he had been hit. Twelve years. Sirius had spent twelve years in Azkaban. "Why," he swallowed. "Why didn't anyone help him? Wasn't there a lawsuit?" Remus asked further. Sirius and James looked at the grown-ups again, Sirius especially attentively. He would spend twelve years in Azkaban even though he had done nothing. And he knew stories from Azkaban that even made him feel cold.

Sirius sighed and shook his head. "No, there was no trial. They took me straight to Azkaban," he replied, Remus swallowed. "Why didn't I do anything?" he asked, his voice trembling. Sirius and Remus avoided his gaze and were silent. Remus swallowed. "I believed it, didn't I?" he asked, tears forming in his eyes. "I believed that Padfoot really did it, that he really killed Prongs and Lily." Sirius looked at him in disbelief. What was Remus talking about ?! "It, it's complicated," said Remus
careful, Remus laughed bitterly. "Complicated ?! You call that complicated ?! That I didn't believe my boyfriend? I'm right, aren't I? Sirius was twelve years in Azkaban because I didn't believe in him, because I thought he was the traitor."

Tears ran down Remus' cheeks and his hands were clenched in fists. James and Sirius stared at him. "Moony-" Sirius tried, but Remus shook his head. "I'm right?" he repeated, Remus raised his eyes and looked at him. That was all it took. Remus jumped up, the tears running unstoppably down his cheeks. He hadn't believed Sirius. He had actually believed that Sirius, the friend he loved, had betrayed the Potters. How could he believe something like that ?! "Hey, Moony, now wait!" James said worriedly as Remus approached the door, Sirius putting a hand on his arm. But Remus released Sirius' grasp, glanced at him, and ran out of the kitchen.
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