How can you make glitter magnetic?

Make fridge magnets yourself

With a few tools you can make real pieces of jewelry out of old bottle caps.

After many attempts that I've started, you are reading the latest revised version here. Have fun! 🙂

You need:

-Concork, as unbent as possible

-Photos with beautiful small image details or images of your choice

- Solvent-free craft glue that dries transparently

- Magnets (I use neodymium magnets, 8mm diameter and 1mm thick. You can find safety information on this at the end of the post. If you want to make the fridge magnets with children, less strong magnets are recommended)

- Superglue (in this case industrial superglue is best, as it holds better and can better withstand the vibrations to which the magnets are exposed during use)

- Cabochon stones 25mm diameter (these are the glass stones that conjure up the beautiful 3D effect, can be bought online)

- Spray paint for the back of the bottle cap (if you want to cover it up)

- Ballpoint pen, cutter and scissors


Place one of the cabochon stones on your picture, mark the outline with the ballpoint pen and cut out the circle.

Brush the glass block with the craft glue and then place it on the picture. Make sure that there are no air bubbles between the photo and the stone, as these will later cast a shadow on the image.

Glue the magnet to the back of your bottle cap with superglue. I put one or two small drops of glue on the back of the crown cap and then let the magnet tip over. This takes a bit of practice because the magnet is so strong and it slips somewhere else quickly.

I advise you not to put the glue on the magnet, as the magnet is so small and this way you can glue your fingers together very quickly.

If you want to hide the writing on the back, you can paint the magnet and crown cap with spray paint.

In the past, I simply stuck a piece of adhesive film on the bottle cap (you can see it in the photo below), but the magnet doesn't stick as well on it as it does directly on the bottle cap.


Then you scrape the rubber sheet out of the inside of the crown cap with a cutter. I mean use my fingernails as this rubber seal is very stubborn and difficult to come off. The better you scrape them out, the better the inserted stone will hold up later.

When the glue between the cabochon and the photo has dried, you put superglue inside the crown cap and put the glass stone into it (I also recommend this procedure here to protect your fingers from sticking). I take about 10 drops of glue ... you have to experiment a bit to find the right dose that will hold the stone in place without oozing out on the sides.

Let it dry and your very own fridge magnet is ready to go!

Another note:

The strong magnet tempts the crown cork to bounce open: But the strong vibrations can cause the stone to fall out or the magnet to fall off - especially if you have used commercial superglue that is not quite as strong as the one Industrial glue.

To ensure that the crown cap magnet lasts for a long time, always place it carefully on the metal surface and do not press it together on the sides.

Safety instructions from the package insert for the neodymium magnets:

Warning! Magnets that attract each other or a metallic object in the human body can cause serious injury or death. Consult a doctor immediately if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

Warning! Neodymium magnets are not toys and are therefore not suitable for children under 14 years of age. There is also a risk of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.

Warning! Separate the magnets from each other only by sliding them. Never let them collide as such thin neodymium magnets break easily.


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