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Our group consists of the following city councilors:


Thomas Jungermann

Group leader

60 years old

Occupation: tax officer

Hobbies: reading

Favorite politicians: Kevin Kühnert and Gesine Schwan

I am making Nidda fit for the future because I wish that my grandchildren would still like to live in Nidda.


Stefan Knoche

Deputy Group Chairman

57 years old

Profession: judge

Hobbies: running and reading

Favorite politicians: Willy Brandt and Frank-Walter Steinmeier

I make Nidda fit for the future with a year-round bath.


Christine Hunter

Deputy chairman of the political group

53 years old

Profession: Assistant to the management

Hobbies: going for a walk, reading, spending time in good company

Favorite politician: Helmut Schmidt

I make Nidda fit for the future because social justice comes first in all of my decisions!


Natalie Maurer


22 years old

Occupation: student, student assistant in a law firm

Hobbies: reading, cooking, being in nature

Favorite politician: Katarina Barley

I make Nidda fit for the future because I will work with the SPD Nidda as a young, environmentally conscious and cosmopolitan woman for the interests of our fellow citizens.


Sascha Hofmann


37 years old

Occupation: administrative clerk

Hobbies: soccer (referee), my family

Favorite politician: Helmut Schmidt

Sentence: I make Nidda fit for the future because I want to actively shape and improve my home, where I have lived since I was born, and not others should decide about it.


Jürgen Heldt

62 years old

Occupation: technical employee / pensioner

Hobbies: music, carnival, politics

Favorite politician: Difficult decision!

I make Nidda fit for the future because resignation equals stagnation


Annette Porschewski

59 years old

Occupation: savings bank clerk

Hobbies: my 4 grandchildren, ice hockey

Favorite politician: Helmut Schmidt

I make Nidda fit for the future so that Nidda and its districts remain a liveable and lovable place to live.


Annegret Jäger

54 years old

Profession: Specialist in social and health care

Hobbies: my dogs

Favorite politician: Helmut Schmidt

I am making Nidda fit for the future because Nidda and all 18 districts are close to my heart.


Jan-Philipp Anke

23 years old

Occupation: educator in kindergarten

Hobbies: Volunteer fire brigade, swimming, cycling, hiking

Favorite politician: Helmut Schmidt

I make Nidda fit for the future with my professional experience in the field of education and family friendliness.


Our members of the magistrate


Monika Eckhardt

Honorary city councilor


Dieter Wasilewski

Voluntary city council




Under aggravated Corona conditions, numerous comrades accepted the invitation of the board of the SPD Nidda to the local election conference on October 30th, 2020 in the Nidda community center. Many members simply did not want to take the possible risk of infection and preferred to stay at home, said Christine Jäger at the opening. The board of directors had agreed to only hold brief reports in order to give the upcoming elections an appropriate space. As the local association chairwoman, Christine Jäger reported on the special conditions of the party work in the pandemic, where cancellations of events, dialogue evenings, summer and family celebrations have almost become part of the day. The board had to reduce the party work to the bare minimum and by the summer break had worked out a draft for the SPD Nidda election manifesto. This election program has since been sent to our members. Our members were asked to contribute and to incorporate additions or clear electoral orders for the citizens' wishes by the end of the year. This grassroots democratic process, which took place across the board, will be adopted by our members at the general meeting in January 2021 in the form of an election program, concluded Christine Jäger.
The parliamentary group chairman Stefan Knoche has limited himself to the two priorities and the main focus of the group. We made it! Road tolls have been abolished and that was our primary goal of our political work, says Stefan Knoche. Our second focus remains the funding opportunities to counteract the vacancy of buildings in the core city, continues Stefan Knoche. In the debates on the reports, the city councilors were again advised that the development of the industrial area (Pfleiderer) must be looked at more closely. At the moment it cannot be seen that the noise and dust pollution has been adequately taken into account in the development planning.
The SPD Nidda will run with 25 candidates in the local election campaign, quality over quantity, says Christine Jäger. The board has suggested an appropriate place on the list to experienced city councilors and members of the magistrate as well as young or experienced members. The declared goal is still: "We want to become the strongest force in Nidda again!" Our election program will be implemented by our candidates without personal sensitivities and we can only do that as a team, said Christine Jäger in conclusion. The proposal of the local association board was supported by a very large majority and was elected as proposed.
1 bone Stefan (Nidda)
2 hunter Christine (Unter-Schmitten)
3 Jungermann Thomas (Ober-Widdersheim)
4 bricklayer Natalie (Ober-Lais)
5 Wasilewski Dieter (Nidda)
6 Eckhardt Monika (Nidda)
7 Hofmann Sascha (Ober-Widdersheim)
8 Porschewski Annette (goat Nidda)
9 Heldt Jürgen (goat Nidda)
10 hunter Annegret (Unter-Schmitten)
11 Anke Jan-Philipp (Wallernhausen)
12 Lobo Massaro Laura (Wallernhausen)
13 Eckhardt Thomas (Nidda)
14 Ulfikowski-Martin Marina (Ulfa)
15 Schönbach Johannes (Nidda)
16 Turnwald Sven (Nidda)
17 Müller Ewald (Ober Schmitten)
18 Lindt Jörg (goat Nidda)
19 Wolf Gerhard (Nidda)
20 Lobo Massaro Antonio (Wallernhausen)
21 Kremser Bernhard (Harb)
22 Weber Frank (Nidda)
23 Zielinski Arno (Nidda)
24 Cos Klaus-Peter (Ober Widdersheim)
25 Becker Reimund (Ober Widdersheim)

The SPD parliamentary group, with the CDU parliamentary group and the city councilor of the Left, has taken a big step towards relieving the burden on the citizens of the large community of Nidda. The anti-social road contributions were abolished. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our comrades-in-arms, the BI Nidda, the CDU parliamentary group and the left for the factual and constructive cross-faction cooperation, said Stefan Knoche. When the proponents of the road contributions accuse us of campaigning and handing out election gifts, they have not understood that you have to keep your election promises, said Christine Jäger. With all due respect, keeping an election promise and implementing it is not a shame, continues Christine Jäger. It was the citizens' list that after the last local elections touted the objectification of the debates in parliament and wanted to advocate it. From our point of view, nothing of that was to be seen on June 30, 2020, says Thomas Eckhardt. Majorities are apparently only accepted if they go in favor of the BL. You are also happy to break taboos, Eckhardt continues. A very good example is that the head of the city council has traditionally been appointed by the strongest group in parliament, which is always obliged to be neutral towards parliament, said Raimund Becker. This procedure is carried out out of decency and respect for the voters, Becker continued. In order to break this taboo, majorities were sought by the BL and unholy alliances were forged. The SPD Nidda had to accept this and entered parliamentary work with an open mind. Today we can see that our patience has been torn over this decision, said the group chairman. The actions of the head of the city council and, at the same time, the chairwoman of the citizens' list, have led to criticism and doubts about her neutrality on several occasions. Recently, the BI Nidda, which is free of road tolls, presented facts in a citizen information sheet and criticized the fact that Ms. Repp placed the “party's own orientation” in the foreground. This is fully understandable for the SPD Nidda, since the head of the city council actually took it off the agenda at the meeting in May when it came to the point, the abolition of road tolls. This did not correspond to the rules of procedure of the city of Nidda and leads us to assume that it has also served the interests of the citizens' list in this case, says Christine Jäger. In her public justification for her actions as head of the city council, she very clearly shows the common understanding of the measures in one sentence with the interests of the citizens' list, continued Christine Jäger. Quote from Ms. Repp: "I will not go to this level personally, nor will the Nidda Citizen List". You shouldn't be surprised that there are obviously conflicts of interest if Ms. Repp does not follow the majority of city councilors, but the alignment of the citizens' list, says Thomas Eckhardt. Factual politics - whatever is meant by it - was the declared election promise of the BL. Apparently only Mr. Schöps and a "Wechselgrün" recognize the political situation with leased wisdom and suppress the fact that our neighboring communities, among other things. In Reichelsheim or Büdingen, with the same economic conditions, the road tolls have been abolished, concludes Thomas Eckhardt. Obvious is the displacement of facts, the disregard of the rules of procedure of the city of Nidda as well as a lack of understanding and interest for committed citizens in initiatives, the factual policy of the BL, so the press spokesman Dieter Wasilewski.

On Thursday evening (4.03.2021) we placed a banner on the market square to show that we are clearly against the right. On Friday morning there was an information booth of the NPD on the market square, Nidda and our districts are full of NPD posters and many of you have probably also received their voting letters. For us it is clear - we have been clearly against the law since the establishment of our local association in 1919. Due to the corona pandemic, we deliberately refrained from showing our resistance in the marketplace today. Also because our shops are still closed. Our statement stands and we behind it!

On March 14th Choose SPD and show a clear edge against the right!