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Sea routes

OUR PROJECT: Vocational training measures in maritime professions for a promising future

The Sea Ways project was aimed at twelve young men and women, Italian or foreign nationality (with a residence permit), who are interested in maritime professions and are physically fit to be entered in the registers of the Gente di Mare (members of the Italian merchant navy) .
Applications were made through the job centers and regional institutions, while the selection was made by Non Solo Vela experts, assisted by a team from Costa Crociere's HR department.
The participants in the project completed vocational training courses, which included a theoretical part with face-to-face teaching and a practical part devoted to shipbuilding, as well as a time at sea.
The courses covered various topics related to maritime professions, the IMO courses required for embarkation, including the issuing of the relevant certificate, as well as specific English and IT lessons. Most importantly, they provided the participants with solid professional preparation that not only provided them with specialist knowledge, but also facilitated the development of relationships that are useful for learning teamwork.
At the end of the course, participants did a three-month internship funded by the project, which gave the area companies a unique opportunity to meet highly motivated young people and expand their human resources. At the same time, however, these young people were given the opportunity to measure themselves against the world of work and to travel confidently into the future.