Are prayers necessary to speak to God?

Get to know God in prayer

Prayer is an expression of a relationship
A friend told me about his experience: As always, he had withdrawn to pray before a sermon. The pastor he was visiting heard him speak in the next room and assumed he was talking to a friend on the phone. Since it was only a few minutes before the service, he did not hesitate to interrupt the guest speaker in his conversation. When he opened the door, he realized that he was not talking on the phone but talking to God.

Prayer reflects our personal relationship with God
No pious phrases, no sober tone, but authentic speech. The way you would talk to a friend: honestly, openly, sometimes passionate, disappointed or enthusiastic. Everything comes on the table.
Is that how I would speak to God? Prayer says a lot about my relationship with God. How do I see myself in this relationship and how do I see God? How do I meet God?

Prayer means meeting
Encounters can only arise where two meet. I turn to God and he turns to me. “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you” (James 4: 8). Whoever prays is in the presence of God. And he listens.

An honest relationship
That is exactly what God wants. He knows me, knows what I'm thinking and feeling. And yet he wants to hear from me what moves me. This is love, full of respect. When I get involved with God, I get to know him.

God's presence changed
It is well known that bad dealings rub off. Incidentally, this is also pointed out in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 15:33. But the reverse is also true: the encounter with God changes. His love heals and drives away worries and fears. His peace makes you calm. His wisdom points the way. In prayer, in the presence of God, I am changed. “In Christ we all see the glory of God with our face uncovered, as in a mirror. In doing so, we ourselves are transformed into the mirror image and we get more and more part in the divine glory. This is what the Lord does through his Spirit ”(2 Corinthians 3:18).

I have had an encounter with God if something changed in me during the time of prayer.