How do goblins multiply in Harry Potter

Why can't you just duplicate money in the Harry Potter universe?

It is entirely possible to duplicate gold standard, but it does

  • breaks the law
  • tends to evaporate
  • can be recognized with trivial ease

JKR spoke (tangentially) on the first two topics in an interview in 2000

Q: It seems that the wizards and witches at Hogwarts can conjure up many things, such as food for the parties, chairs, and sleeping bags. . If so, why does the wizarding world need money? What are the restrictions on the material objects that you can conjure up? It seems unnecessary that the Weasleys need so much money ...

A: Very good question (well done Jan !!). There are laws about what you can and cannot swear.Something you conjure up out of thin air won't last. This is a rule I made early on. I love these logical questions!

In "Goblet of Fire" we see the results of trying to duplicate gold. Hagrid created (or acquired) some 'leprechaun gold' for training purposes ...

"Well, let's check out how you did it!" said Hagrid. “Count your coins! And there's no point stealing anything, Goyle he added, and his beetle black Eyes narrowed. 'It's leprechaun gold.Disappears after a couple of hours. '

and Ron tries to pass on some of the leprechaun gold he collected at the Quidditch World Cup to pay Harry for his omniocular, with the same result ...

No, ”said Ron shortly. "Why didn't you tell me about the gold?" "What gold?" said Harry. "The gold I gave you at the Quidditch World Cup," said Ron. “The leprechaun gold I gave you for my omniocular. In the top box. Why didn't you tell me it's gone 'Harry had to think for a moment before realizing what Ron was talking about.

"Must be nice" said Ron abruptly when they sat down and began to serve each other roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. “To have that much money, you don't know if a bag full of galleons is lost. "Look, I had other things on my mind that night!" said Harry impatiently. "We all did, do you remember?" "I didn't know that leprechaun gold was disappearing", muttered Ron. “I thought I would pay you back. You shouldn't have given me that Chudley Cannon hat for Christmas. «

In 'Deathly Hallows' we learn that goblins have the ability to spot counterfeit or adulterated currency instantly.

The long counter was filled with goblins who sat on high stools and served the first customers of the day. Hermione, Ron and Travers approached an old goblin who was examining a thick gold coin through glasses. Hermione allowed Travers to come in front of her on the pretext of explaining the hall's features to Ron.

The goblin threw the coin he was holding aside to no one, said "goblin" and then greeted Travers

Michael Mior

While this is well researched and a reasonable answer, what you cannot conclude from the statements in Goblet of Fire that all duplicated gold is disappearing. The statement only refers to Leprechaun gold . It is not clear that all gold that is duplicated is considered leprechaun gold.


@MichaelMior - As far as I can tell, the term " Leprechaun gold "a collective term for Gold that has been duplicated , and not for Gold that comes from goblins . Does Ron even know goblins? Do goblins have the habit of giving away their gold on request? I do not think so ...


@ MichaelMior - Read the JKR quote. Things that are conjured up tend to go away


@ Richard Yes you cannot duplicate food. Therefore, they would duplicate Muggle money and then buy groceries from Muggles. = b


@Richard, Ron didn't create galleons, he collected them from the gold the goblins showered the crowd with at the Quidditch World Cup (see chapter 8 of the Goblet of Fire ): "Excellent!"shouted Ron as the shamrock hovered over them and heavy gold coins rained off and ricocheted off their heads and seats. Then a few paragraphs later: "Let's go," shouted Ron happily, stuffing a handful of gold coins into Harry's hand, "for the omniocular! Now you have to buy me a Christmas present, ha!" All part of the "Pre-Game Show".