How good is Jon Huntsman's Mandarin

Campaign gibberish: Jon Huntsman speaks "Mandarin"

Jon Huntsman has little chance of moving into the White House for the Republicans in 2013. He is moderate, Mormon and simply not well known. His most memorable quality seems to be his knowledge of Mandarin. The former governor of Utah served as US ambassador to China from 2009 to 2011 and “speaks Mandarin fluently”, says the few articles in which he is mentioned.

The US magazine "Slate" has listened to a few sound bytes and comes to the conclusion: Huntsman's knowledge of Mandarin is modest. He makes mistakes in even the simplest sentences and is sometimes not understood by the Chinese.

Nevertheless, he does not have to shy away from comparison with his competitors. Congressman Michele Bachmann and "Pizza Man" Herman Cain, who are close to the Tea Party, speak no foreign languages ​​at all. Mitt Romney's French is roughly on par with Huntsman's Chinese.

The Spanish of Rick Perry, after all governor of Texas with over nine million Latinos, seems to be limited to “yo soy Rick Perry y juntos vamos mejor” (my name is Rick Perry and it's better together) at the end of an election campaign spot.

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Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, tried to calm things down in Spanish in 2007 after previously denigrating it as “ghetto language”.

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Since foreign languages ​​are not a prerequisite for the office of president, it is irrelevant that monolinguists predominate in the ranks of the Democrats. When US President Barack Obama wanted to point out the motto of the French Revolution in a speech in 2009, he could only remember “liberté”. After an embarrassing pause, he finally delivered «égalité, fraternité».

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He speaks reasonable Spanish - but only with a teleprompter.

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He shouldn't rely on his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: In 2008 she failed because of the simple task of repeating the battle cry “Sí, se puede” (yes, we can) and instead called “Sí, se pueda” into the microphone. The wrong subjunctive doesn't make sense.

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The foreign language skills of Obama's predecessor George W. Bush also regularly provided amusement.

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The only true polyglot to ever reside in the White House was John F. Kennedy's wife, Jackie. She spoke fluent Spanish and French.

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