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5 x polycarbonate properties

Polycarbonate is known in the market by many different names: Arla, Margard, Caliber, Lexan, Radilux, Makrolon, Quin, Axxis, Panlite, Lexgard and Makrofol. But what exactly is polycarbonate and what are the properties of this sheet material? In this blog, we take a closer look at the 5 most important properties of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate: what is it?

In short: polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. This means that, unlike most other types of plastic, it can withstand high temperatures. This makes polycarbonate a popular material in the food industry, among others. In this video you will learn more about polycarbonate sheets and their possible applications.

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1. Polycarbonate is extremely strong: 250 times stronger than conventional glass

An important property of polycarbonate is that it is extremely impact-resistant. It makes no difference whether you use the solid version or the so-called "channel plate". This property offers many possibilities. For example, polycarbonate is the most suitable material if you want to make a patio roof, a carport, a windbreak or a greenhouse. The material is almost indestructible. Polycarbonate is often used in places where vandalism is lurking or where burglar-resistant glazing is required.

2. Polycarbonate is easy to process

Whether you want to glue, drill, paint, saw or bend polycarbonate, all these types of processing are possible. You process polycarbonate in the same way as acrylic glass. The only difference is that polycarbonate is easier to machine because it is much less likely to break.

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3. Polycarbonate is fire retardant

Another important property of polycarbonate is its classification in fire protection class B1. This means that polycarbonate is flame retardant and fire retardant. This makes polycarbonate ideal as safety glazing, for example to protect technical machines and products.

4. Polycarbonate does not fade

All of the polycarbonate sheets we offer are UV-resistant. This means that the material will not fade even under the influence of sunlight. You can use UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets for both indoor and outdoor applications.

5. Polycarbonate is crystal clear

Polycarbonate or conventional glass? One thing is certain: polycarbonate is crystal clear. They look through it just as well as through a traditional pane. Strictly speaking, you can even see through better because polycarbonate lets more light through.

Buy polycarbonate sheets online

Would you like to get to work with solid polycarbonate yourself? In our webshop you will find the solid polycarbonate sheets in various colors and thicknesses. We would be happy to cut the required panels to size for you free of charge.

More DIY suggestions for polycarbonate?

For great DIY ideas for working with polycarbonate, check out our handy blog posts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on polycarbonate properties, if you have any questions about a project or our products, or if you need advice on customized solutions. You can reach us on 0203 8048 1448, or send an email.

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