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She had spent months searching for the whereabouts of Oscar Pine and Team RWBY. Had been trying to conjure up some kind of vision for months, hoping to find out where one of the last fighters with the silver eyes had gone. Where one of the last people who had given them the order to save the world had stayed. Ozpin.
She had never stormed out of her office as quickly as a few minutes ago.
Her eyes fixed on the elevator floor display, her hands nervously pounding the hem of her blazer. Her cheeks flushed from the cold outside on the way to the main tower. While the display jumped from floor to floor at breakneck speed and the elevator finally stopped with a gentle ping, she had to pull herself together so as not to chew on her lip.
Claire Arbit stepped out of the elevator and into a marble-lined corridor with the Atlas Academy mark on the floor in the center. A high glass dome, through which the dim moonlight fell, provided a source of light.
The heels of her shoes clacked on the floor as she walked straight ahead and hurried up a flight of stairs that led to a heavy iron wing door. She heard muffled voices coming from the general's office.
“- when a single aircraft entered our airspace, it triggered an alarm. We assumed it was stolen. "
Claire held her scroll up to one of the scanners in front of the door. A signal sounded which confirmed their identification and the sliding door opened.
"-stolen? I uh ... yes, it was stolen. "
She took a step forward, but then stopped dead. Nine people were standing with their backs to her, and judging by their clothes, they weren't from here. Her eyes flew to James Ironwood, General in the Atlesian Army and Director of the Atlas Academy, who was sitting behind his desk on a raised platform and smiling slightly when he saw her.
To the left and right of him stood Winter Snow and Penny Polendina, the latter also grinning slightly at her. Claire smiled back.
"You stole an Atlesian airship?" Winter Snow, member of the military and trained huntress, came down the stairs. Her voice sounded incredulous. She looked at one of the girls with white hair and a ponytail as she continued. White snow. Your little sister.
"What did you think? You could have been shot down! How incredibly responsible “.
She couldn't get to finish her sentence because the girl she had spoken to had pulled her into a hug.
“I'm sorry you worried about me. But we did what we had to do. "
"I ... I think I understand." Winter's light blue eyes first turned to the man who was behind Weiss and her mouth opened to say something, but then her gaze fell on Claire, who was still in the open door was standing. And now felt like she had burst into something.
Winter broke away from her sister. She turned to Claire. The others followed suit.
The woman recognized the group. She had heard so much from them. Had heard of the girl Ruby Rose, who was one of the last few silver-eyed fighters. And only discovered this when the academy she went to, Beacon, fell victim to a planned massacre.
And it was Claire's fault. A lump formed in her throat. She cleared her throat.
"I'm Claire Arbit, special operative and protector of Atlas." Her voice was gentle but firm. Her eyes brightened when she recognized Qrow Branwen. He also looked surprised.
“I… have heard a lot from you. From all of you. ”She gave them a smile. And she hoped so much that it looked warm. Because the people before her needed it.
She walked around the group to the front of the stairs and stopped in front of the first step. Then she looked questioningly at James. She wasn't sure how much the group knew.
But before he could say anything, the man spoke up, whom Winter had glared earlier. He turned to Ironwood.
"We have important information for you that is confidential." His gaze fell on Claire. The corners of the mouth twitched slightly.
Penny answered.
"Is it about the relics?"
"Or about the Winter Maiden?" Winter had come to Ironwood's side. Qrow's face slipped. Claire had to pull herself together not to laugh.
"You told them?" Qrow sounded surprised, if a little shocked.
James laughed lightly and then nodded to Claire. She went up the stairs, stepped to the left of his desk, put her hand on a built-in sensor and a drawer opened. James got up.
Claire pulled the Haven relic out of her. The lamp of knowledge. Her blue shimmer lit her face.
"Qrow, did you really think you were the only ones working on a new plan after what happened to Beacon?" Claire's gaze fell briefly on the floor.
"When Ozpin disappeared, I needed a team of people I could trust."
Penny smiled.
“So I told you. Also the ace-ops. And I'm glad you're all here, including that. ”He tilted his head towards the lamp and looked at her briefly. Claire caught his gaze, which then softened a little.
“Until now I thought it would be impossible to beat Salem. Oz held her back and prevented her from being successful, but she will keep coming back. Stronger and stronger. "
He exhaled audibly and briefly closed his eyes. Claire knew how tired he was. How exhausted.
"Unless we destroy them."
Her eyes went to Ruby Rose and the others. This looked skeptical for a moment. Claire set the lamp down on the table where it hovered a few inches above the tabletop.
"But what about the Atlas relic?"
"You mean the staff of creation?"
"He's safe in the dungeon," interjected Penny.
"And the Winter Maiden?" Asked Qrow.
"It is safe and ... in a stable position", Winter's gaze fell briefly to the ground. Claire knew why.
"Stable position, what is the point-", the young woman with the blonde hair and a prosthesis for her arm had taken the floor. Yang.
"She's not exactly the youngest," Qrow tried to answer her question.
There was silence. Claire felt how tense everyone was. The atmosphere in the room became stuffy.
James sighed. She took a breath.
"I know what that looks like." All of those present turned to her. Surprised that she said something.
“The military that is being recalled, the ban on import and export, we are probably not looking very trustworthy right now. And we know that the people in Mantle are not doing well. But we had to make sure Salem couldn't invade Atlas. The military is needed here. To protect the people here. "
“But it doesn't protect the people of Mantle. It just makes everyone hate Ironwood. " Yang was right. And Claire knew that.
“I am aware of that. But that decision was worth it. ”James looked at Yang. She stared back.
Claire swallowed. But that decision was worth it. It wasn't and James knew that. She had no idea if it really was her. Probably not. But what could she have done. She crossed her arms behind her back and clenched them into fists. Her fingernails dug into her palm.
The general operated a hologram keyboard on his desk and in front of the large panorama window in front of which they stood and which offered a wonderful view of Atlas, a dark privacy screen was lowered.
"Since you have all been entrusted with the existence of Salem, I want you to trust me." He nodded to Claire. "We have a plan."
In the middle of the room, one of the floor slabs that Ruby and Oscar had just been standing on went up and turned into a table.
James pressed a button and a hologram image of Amity Coliseum appeared floating over the table.
The plan was actually pretty simple. Amity should be brought into the atmosphere to restore the global communication network.
And tell the world about Salem.
"That's why we need the troops." Claire looked at Qrow and Yang, her face lit by the hologram projection.
"To keep away the grim that will come with the panic that will break out."
She turned to the group.
“And Atlas is there if that happens. The people in Mantle are not left alone. "
"Trying to hide the truth from the world will kill us all."
James pressed a button again, the hologram went out, the table slid back into the floor, the privacy screen went up, revealing another view of Atlas at night. And the stars.
Claire's eyes reflected the incoming bluish light. James looked at her briefly.
"Ozpin kept this secret for many lives." There was anger in Qrow's voice.
"I know. But without having him here, I can only use my own judgment. "
It became quiet again. Everyone looked at the ground. And then to Oscar. Claire knew what was coming. She had foreseen it. So many years ago.
"What?". James had turned to the group. Out of the corner of her eye, Claire saw that even Penny was confused.
Oscar, a boy Claire didn't know much about other than that he was way too young for this, hesitantly turned to Ironwood.
"Ozpin ... isn't really gone ... uh."
Qrow helped him.
"Oscar here, is the next Ozpin."
James face brightened.
"Oz?" He walked up to Oscar and got on one knee to be on an equal footing with him.
"I'm so glad you're here, I-". Oskar raised his hands in defense. It dawned on Claire what was to come.
"Not really. He's kind of ... gone ... at the moment. "
James's expression changed. Suddenly he looked strangely concerned.
"That is not normal, how is that pass-?".
"We don't know." Ruby Rose cut him off seriously. All eyes went to her.
"We were in a train accident and suddenly Ozpin was no longer there."
Claire pricked up her ears. James got up.
"Did he tell you anything about the relics before he disappeared?"
“He said the lamp can answer three questions. But these have already been used up. "
Claire caught her gaze, which moved uncertainly to the side. Your posture, which was open but defensive. Both told her one thing. Ruby lied.
“Right, right. Ozpin told us the same thing once. ”James walked over to the large window and glanced briefly at Atlas. Something about his voice stung Claire. He believed Ruby. And she didn't know what to do. There was a reason she lied about. Her gaze went back to Oscar. She looked at him warmly.
“It's lucky we have you Oscar. You're safe here in Atlas. ”James agreed with that statement.
"Maybe we can find a way to get Ozpin back."
The boy looked at them both and smiled slightly.
"Thank you sir ... I mean, uh, General ... I mean ... Ironwood?" James laughed lightly, then took the lamp from the table and handed it to Ruby. She looked at him questioningly and confused.
"Do you give them back to us?"
“After what happened to the Ace Ops, I don't want you to think that I'm hiding things from you. The lamp is safer with those who brought it here. "
Ruby accepted the lamp gratefully. Claire bit her lip now. She didn't like the fact that James trusted them so much when Ruby was lying to him.
“We have to work together if we are to defeat Salem. But before we tell you how you can help, we will adjust your weapons to our standards. "
A video recorded by a surveillance drone down in Mantle was faded in showing Blake Belladonna holding a broken piece of her sword. Embarrassed, she looked to the side.
“After all, this is Atlas. While we assist the military, we will provide you with the best Huntsmen equipment our scientists have to offer. ”There was pride in Winter's voice.
The group in front of them reacted amazed and surprised and Claire had to smile. They were still so young.
She cleared her throat.
“And now you can go. There was a lot of information at once and we need you rested and relaxed. We start tomorrow. "
Some of those present mumbled thank you, others said goodbye. Qrow glanced at her to signal that they would talk later. It became quiet when the door was too much behind them.
Claire looked at Penny. She kept looking restless and excited at the door, but said nothing.
"Come on." She nodded towards the door and smiled at the girl. She grinned, saluted and was gone the next moment. Winter did the same.
"I'll check back on the Winter Maiden." As she passed Claire, she gently touched her arm.
"See you tomorrow?".
"I'll pick you up for breakfast."
"Good." She looked at Ironwood over Claire's shoulder.
"Good night, General." James nodded at her.
"Good night, snow."
The door closed quietly behind her. Claire and the general were alone.
She turned and opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again. There were so many things on her mind and she didn't know where to start.
Ozpin was back. In Oscar. A boy. A chill ran down Claire's spine. And Ruby Rose. The girl with the silver eyes.
She lied. Claire didn't know why.
"Did you know about Oscar?" James' voice had lost its authoritarian tone. It only sounded like that when they were alone.
The woman brushed a strand of brown hair from her face, which had come off her deep bun and turned to him.
Her gaze avoided his for a moment.
"I think so. But that was long before ... Beacon. ". She stood by the large window and looked at the stars. She and James had spent hours here. They had just sat cuddled together and watched the stars. Just the two of you. Without a thought of Salem. Or the war. Or the future.
And then came the case of Beacon. And with him fear. The uncertainty that hung over everything Claire did from then on.
She swallowed and shook her head slightly. James stepped to her right. Touched hers with his hand. Claire took it and crossed her fingers.
"What is your right side doing?" She ran her thumb over the back of his hand.
"I was with Pietro, everything is okay again."
"It's good."
It was quiet for a moment.
"Maybe we should go to sleep too?" Claire looked at him questioningly.
James glanced briefly at the stars and then at her. He nodded.
"Come on." She tugged lightly on his hand. They left the office together.
James held them back when they got to the corridor.
"We're going to me, okay? Go ahead, I have something else to do. ”He turned his head in the direction from which some voices were coming. Those of the Ace Ops talking to others. Claire knew what he was talking about. Qrow.
"Okay," she looked around briefly and then gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Take your time." She squeezed his hand again, then let go and headed down the left corridor towards his room. James went in the opposite direction.
She opened his room door with her scroll. The automatic door slid open and no sooner had she stepped over the threshold than she yawned.
The day had been long and exhausting, and that just now hadn't made it any better for her.
James Ironwood's room was large and spacious, divided into a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Similar to his office, it had floor-to-ceiling windows, the walls were white marble, and the floor was laid with blue, gold and black marble.
Bookshelves and some candles lined the walls.
Claire took off her shoes and blazer. On the way to the bathroom, she unbuttoned her white blouse. She quickly washed her hands and face, dried herself off, brushed her teeth, and then ran on into the living room.
Still in her dress pants and sheer stockings, she took some pillows and blankets from the white sofa, which was far too seldom used, and placed them on the floor so that she could lean against the sofa behind her to go outside To be able to see the sky.
She wrapped one of the blankets around her shoulders, stretched out one of her legs, bent the other up, put her arm on it, and propped her head on it.
She was too upset to sleep. And the view of the night sky calmed her. Distracted her.
The door behind her opened and she heard footsteps.
"You are not in bed?"
Claire looked over her shoulder at James. He also took off his boots and took off his coat. He walked into the bedroom on socks and took off his jacket, which he hung neatly in the closet.
Claire had followed him quietly and was leaning in the doorway while she watched as he pulled his shirt out of his pants, loosened his tie and unbuttoned his dark blue shirt. He stopped when he saw her.
"What?". Claire just shook her head slightly.
"Nothing. I just like to see you. That's all."
He laughed easily. His laugh was dark and full and Claire grew warm.
"You like to see how I change?"
"Fact", she left her position in the door frame and went back into the living room. She sat back in her original place. The stars were still there. Her eyes went briefly into space. The light in the bedroom went out. The only source of light was the blue glow of Atlas and the moon that was in the sky.
"Hey, slip on," James had put on pajama bottoms and a white T-shirt and sat down next to Claire on the blanket, while Claire handed him a pillow for his back.
The right side of his body, which consisted entirely of prostheses, was pleasantly cool when James put his arm around her waist and pulled her close.
Claire looked up at him. His dark blue eyes were also watching the sky. She ran her fingertips over his right arm once. She knew he could feel it.
"Aren't you tired?" She asked.
"Darling, you don't have to stay awake because of me."
He tore his gaze from the night sky and let his blue eyes wander over her face.
“I like to be awake with you. We don't spend a lot of time together. "
Claire sighed.
"I know".
She straightened up on her knees to be eye to eye with James. She gently took his face, which she loved so much, in her hands. Claire's beard tickled lightly as she kissed him.
James propped himself up with his right hand while wrapping his left arm around her waist to pull her closer to him.
Claire grinned into the kiss and shuddered when she felt his hand on her back. That gesture still felt strange.
She broke away from him for a moment. Her cheeks were slightly flushed. Claire looked down briefly. Wasn't quite sure what to say. As she should say. Then she realized something. And she laughed at the realization. Laughed and put her hand over her mouth to calm down. James looked at her confused.
Claire laughed again.
"I ... um ... I'm sorry," she swallowed, "I just noticed that ... I ...", she laughed again, "that I'm ... nervous."
The man in front of her blinked at her again, confused. And that didn't exactly make it any better.
"I don't think I understand-".
"Now. Just. This one. It makes me nervous. ”Again she buried her face in the palm of her hand.
“Oh brothers. James, I'm sorry but you're making me nervous, ”she calmed down a bit and cleared her throat.
"I? But why-".
Claire looked at him. And smiled.
"Because I unfortunately find you beautiful and beautiful things always make me nervous." To underline this statement, she put her hand on his cheek. Even if her statement sounded cheesy, she meant it. She thought James was really beautiful. Especially now, when the light was reflected in part of his prosthesis and his skin was bathed in a soft blue sheen. When his attention, which he usually paid to so many different things, was only on them. All alone to them.
Claire straightened up again and kissed him again without waiting for an answer from him.
As he did so, James pulled her onto his lap, rubbed her back with his left hand, making it clear that he had understood her statement. His hand slid down her back to the waistband of her pants.
Claire stopped kissing him for a moment. Remained in that position.
"Maybe it would be better to continue this in the bedroom?" James' voice was thick, his breath tickling her cheek.
Addressed nodded and got up. On the way to the adjoining room, she took off her blouse.
And while James pulled her close again, she glanced up at the night sky.
The stars would still be there tomorrow.
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