Twitter will be taken over

User account taken over from Twitter boss

Twitter announced on Saturday night that this had become possible due to a mistake with a cell phone provider. The tweets were posted via a service that allows you to connect your phone number to your account and tweet via SMS. The short message service stated accordingly that there was "no indication that Twitter's systems were compromised".

Several tweets were sent from Dorsey's @jack account to more than four million followers, including one that said, "Nazi Germany did nothing wrong." Some tweets also contained racist and anti-Semitic content. One mentioned a bomb at Twitter headquarters. Twitter quickly deleted the tweets from Dorsey's timeline.

Like many other users, Dorsey uses what is known as two-factor authentication, according to which you have to enter a freshly generated code in addition to your username and password. In many cases, however, these codes are sent by SMS. In the past, attackers have repeatedly managed to get hold of SIM cards with the same telephone number from cell phone providers and intercept the codes. With the help of this method, a hacker group is said to have hijacked Twitter accounts of several tech bosses such as Dorsey and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in 2016.

US President Donald Trump - who has more than 60 million followers and whose tweets can trigger international crises and send stock exchanges downhill - was very relaxed when asked. “I hope they don't hack my account. But basically, if they do, they don't know much more than what I'm spreading anyway, ”he said on Friday evening (local time) to journalists in the White House. "That wouldn't be so bad."

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