Exists Adamantium

What was the unknown catalyst that made proto-adamantium possible?

The fact is, Marvel set what made the proto-adamantium possible, entirely unknown to exist. It's a mystery, and it probably will stay that way. We can only speculate what this is unknown factor was .

I believe that the unknown factor / catalyst that is responsible for the formation of Proto-Adamantium is responsible the Duration in which the mixture remained in a liquid state.

We don't know how much time it took to "heat up" each subsequent blend tested, and most importantly, we don't know how long MacLain slept.

An alloy is successfully made once its multiple components are heated and melted together at their common melting point and have successfully bonded. The mixture is then poured into a shell and allowed to cool.

When the components are melted there is no longer any profit if the mixture is left in a liquid state.

During his experiments, MacLain combined Vibranium with a steel alloy that he worked with. While he was asleep, an unknown factor, due to his exhaustion, caused the metals he worked with to combine. MacLain was never able to duplicate the process as he was unable to identify an as-yet-unknown factor that played a role in it. (Captain America Vol 1 # 303)

Of all the different components, only one was susceptible to one unknown factor in the experiment, vibranium. It is possible that vibranium, which is extraterrestrial in origin, does not behave like any other metal known to man. It would have changed in liquid state over time and had a molecular reaction with that experimental steel alloy and other components can begin leading to the so-called Proto-Adamantium led .

This process, which takes a significant amount of time, could have allowed the molecular structure of the proto-adamantium to stabilize as the mixture stayed at its melting point longer than intended.

As a scientist, while attempting to replicate the shield alloy, MacLain must have modeled the experiment methodologically and logistically without leaving the mixture in a liquid state longer than necessary. It is possible that he never thought of leaving the mixture in a liquid state for long periods of time as for all he knew he couldn't make a difference and instead logically reproduced the experiment without trying unorthodox methods.

This scenario could be the reason Proto-Adamantium was formed and why it was never duplicated.

Paul D. Waite

"The real secret behind the proto-adamantium was never published, and probably never will be" - you know comics aren't documentaries, right?


In general, we don't like speculative answers on this website. Your answer is reasonable and appears valid, but would benefit from some more direct references from the source material.


I'm with Michael. You need a basis for your claim, be it evidence from the comics, a comment from one of the people who worked on the series, or an appeal to metallurgical principles. That said, it's a good place to start with an answer.


@ PaulD.Waite I know English is not my first language and published was the most appropriate word at the time.


@MichaelEdenfield My reasoning straight from what was said in the comics. The fact is, the answer was never given to us by wonder. When is a theory accepted as an answer? I'll do my best to put in more details.