Why do sharks attack kayakers

A dangerous surprise awaits a kayaker!

When a kayaker is out on the sea in front of Panama City Beach (Florida), he encounters a huge shark. The pictures run down your spine as cold as ice!

In general, sharks don't have a great reputation. Films like The White sharkthat make you think all sharks are dangerous. But this is not always the case!

Do sharks attack humans?

No shark has been observed in the wild as it deliberately, deliberately and repeatedly attacked a person.

That explains the diver and marine photographer Laurent Ballesta. As a big moviegoer, he separated the truth from the wrong for us - especially when it comes to sharks and their unjustifiably bad reputation.

Despite these explanations, sharks are still formidable animals. That is probably the reason that one gets scared when watching this video.

Got away with a shock

The video was recorded in 2016 and shows an impressive encounter between a kayaker and a shark. During a trip out to sea in front of Panama City Beach in Florida, he receives an unexpected visitor.

Under the eyes and smartphones of passers-by, the giant fish slowly approaches the kayaker. For comparison: the kayak is over four meters long ... that shows how impressive the size of the shark is.

The man does not have much to fear in this situation, because it is a basking shark, which can be easily recognized by its wide-open mouth. This species is considered harmless to humans. With a length of up to twelve meters, it is considered the second largest fish in the world after the impressive whale shark.