What is the process of silicone molds

Wax models & molds

Mold making

In order to produce your model in series, a mold for the wax models is first made in the mold making department. For this, our employees produce a custom-fit mold made of rubber or rubber or silicone. Which shape variant is used depends on the nature and shape and your model and the raw material used. We produce individual pieces, small series or prototypes more cost-effectively, without mold construction directly in rapid prototyping. Our experienced mold makers will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right molding material.

Rubber & rubber molds

In this process, the customer's model is pressed between several layers of rubber. The shape is heated in a press and the model is then cut out using a scalpel. It is essential to note the shrinkage (3-5%) that occurs depending on the size and nature of the model. In addition, the model must be made of a solid material such as metal so that the workpiece does not deform during the molding.

Silicone molds

By using a special liquid silicone, soft materials such as wax, plastic, natural products, etc. can also be molded. After several hours of hardening, the silicone mold solidifies and can be cut open. It is advantageous that the shapes have almost no shrinkage and that even the finest structures can be seamlessly molded.

 Silicone moldsRubber molds
Rapid prototyping
Source materialWax, plastic, natural products, etc.metalCAD file
Is particularly suitable forSeries production of fine structuresCheap series productionSingle pieces, small series and prototypes

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