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17 good reasons why network marketing is the business of the 21st century


If you are thinking about doing network marketing or online marketing or not doing it, I recommend you read this article carefully. I am convinced that online marketing or a network marketing company is the best route to a free, fulfilling life for most people.

In order for you to be really successful in network marketing, it is first important to understand why you should step on the gas in the first place. Despite all the advantages of network marketing, just like any other business, it takes time, effort and energy to turn it into a lifestyle business.

Here are the top 17 reasons why network marketing is the business of the 21st century.

1. Do not build the wealth of your employer, but your own wealth

With a job (JUST OVER BROKE =) With your valuable lifetime, you mainly build up the wealth of your employer and are fobbed off with a fixed salary, even if the company earns € 50,000 more per month just from your work. If you are your own boss, you build up YOUR wealth with your working hours and not the wealth of others. Another huge advantage: You can use the money for what it is there for to enjoy more freedom, free time and joie de vivre, e.g. travel more often.

2. What kind of work safety do you have in your job?

Many employees are afraid of self-employment, it means leaving the comfort zone, you have to take care of yourself that there is always enough money to come in to finance your living costs. In the job, the active income ensures that the cost of living is covered. So the job seems safer at first.

The truth is that your job is not safe, it is only safe as long as your supervisor does not mis-manage and has to fire you for financial reasons. Which is safer? A single income, which is only paid as long as your boss doesn't mess up and doesn't want to get rid of you or several streams of income, through directly referred partners & customers and their downline and other sources of income thanks to your email list & Digistore24?

3. Do you want an income that is self-sufficient?

At the time when you have some really good team partners who are stepping on the gas, you basically no longer have to sponsor yourself, but it would be enough for you to take care of your team and your income would build up by itself. That is the power of duplication. In no industry without permanent employees do you have this enormous leverage effect,

4. True Financial Freedom

Anyone who has decided on the right company, knows their why, has the necessary discipline and gets into DOING, must sooner or later achieve financial freedom through network marketing. Unfortunately, 95% of people start the network with wrong ideas, which is why most people have achieved unsatisfactory results in the network in the past. Regardless of whether affiliate marketing or network marketing, you have to be disciplined for 1-3 years, only then will you be able to exchange the hamster wheel for financial freedom.

5. Get poorer and poorer with rising prices? - inflation!

With a normal salary, you get poorer from year to year, because if there is a raise, it doesn't cover the real price increase for the really important things in life like petrol, gas, electricity and food prices. The official inflation statistics calculate increasingly cheaper technical devices, but who buys a new television every year, especially since a television is the money-killing machine! Presumably you would need a 10% increase in salary every year to compensate for inflation with one salary.

Network marketing, especially online network marketing, can be the solution here!

6. Internet Network Marketing - Online Marketing Rocks Extremely!

    • The internet is without a doubt the best invention of the last 200 years. Thanks to the Internet, you can do business online all over the world, and it gets even better:
      There are online business companies with network marketing compensation plans. It's so damn easy today to sponsor worldwide thanks to email marketing / solo ads, blogging, Youtube, social media, paid traffic and other online methods that anyone can do it because one the techniques always suit you!

Online based network marketing also allows introverted people to build an extremely lucrative online lifestyle business with network marketing, because here the interested parties come to you and not the other way around. In addition, introverts also become a little more extroverted as well. The Englishman Simon S. earns millions a year and used to be very introverted, which is hard to imagine with him, so the network online business has changed him.

  • Thanks to the Internet, training and the support of your team partners who live far away from you is also no problem. You can support your partners in various ways: Autoresponder 30 days of training e-mails, video courses, webinars, Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, newsletters ...

7. Live a rich, fulfilling life

Another advantage of network marketing (especially through online marketing) is personal development, as a good networker you develop extremely further.

To be successful, you have to help other people to make them successful too. The fact is that if everything fits, thanks to the duplication, an income of 100,000 or even significantly more per year is possible with Network without having to work more than 4 hours a day for this result, because when the scaffolding is in place, you have to only challenge and promote your downline.

8. Do you want to work for a lifetime?

We humans are getting older and older and yet this is only the beginning when already 6 billionaires “How PayPal founder Peter Thiel and 5 other billionaires are looking for eternal life” are researching eternal life, how many years will it be before the aging process extremely slowed down or reversed? I don't know, but I am firmly convinced that this state generation system in its current form cannot be financed in the long term.

How long can the pyramid scheme of generations work if fewer and fewer deposits are received but more and more payouts are received, as the article written years ago already wrote?

Assume the best case scenario and after 40-50 years of work you can finally retire and you can even live well off the pension or through your private retirement provision. Do you really want to work for decades, even though there are much nicer ways to spend your lifetime?

9. You don't have to study to make a lot of money

If you only want to study on the basis of a theoretically high salary, you should leave it alone. If you want to study medicine out of interest in something, for example, do it, but don't think that a degree is necessary in times of online business & network marketing in order to earn good money.

Do you know the music label Virgin? It belongs to Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, he was dyslexic and dropped out of school and has been a billionaire for years! The guy is absolutely amazing!

Steve Jobs dropped out after just one semester and became a billionaire through Toy Story (Pixar) in 1995.

In "my" network online business company I also have some students as team partners who are now building a secure lifestyle business parallel to studying and I am quite sure that some of them will not go into a normal job at all, but will focus purely on networking & Online Marketing will focus.

10. 9-5 job + second job or business from home?

In 1993 one million Germans were employed in a second job, in 2004 around 2 million people and in 2013 already 3 million people, how many will there be in 2025? The fact is that more and more people are following the US trend of second and third jobs to make ends meet. A product network or if you follow my advice, an online network business would be the perfect alternative here.

11. Surround yourself with similar, fun, ambitious people

Are you lucky enough to have met a lot of like-minded people around you? The fact is that most people do not really strive for success, friends, more free time & financial freedom, but are frustrated grumblers who do nothing about their frustration, except to reinforce it by watching the news ...

At network events and in my team, I got to know people who have the same goals and the same mindset as I do, people who value people very much.

12. Benefit from the population boom

It is impossible that at some point there will be no more new customers or partners, because every year new people come of age and the population literally explodes.

13. A shrinking job market

Four million people in Germany benefit from the minimum wage, so at least 4 million people are employed in professions with poor pay. Jobs are not becoming any safer, jobs are being cut more and more by mini-jobs, computers and robotics, or cheaper labor abroad. Optimistic thinking does not mean to perceive reality wrongly and to dream of a secure job, but to react to changed conditions and to lead a happy life!

14. The choice is yours: be rich in retirement or be poor in retirement ...

A whopping 24% of Tafel customers are retired today. As nice as it is that this organization exists, after around 40 years of work it should be possible for retirees not to have to go back to the board, right? This is just the number of retirees who do not avoid the blackboard out of shame. The Tafel expects a much higher rate of needy pensioners.

“The“ dark figure ”is likely to be higher today: Many elderly people in need come late to aid organizations such as the food banks out of shame. The Tafel helpers often find out from family members or acquaintances of the needy pensioners that their funds are barely sufficient for the essentials. "

I don't even want to know how many millions of retirees will be living in acute old-age poverty in 20-30 years, because they don't earn enough today to have a good private pension and don't take advantage of opportunities such as network marketing and affiliate marketing.

15. What do Donald Trump, Richard Brandson and Robert Kiyosaki have in common?

What do Donald Trump, Richard Brandson, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn or T Harv Eker, and many more, have in common? Do I have to say a little more about this? You all recommended network marketing!

16. Would you like to increase your income significantly every year?

In a job, your wage increase is limited, if it is given at all on a regular basis. In network marketing, you can noticeably increase your income every month through DO & Duplication through your downline and, if you step on the gas, even more than double it. The wise people are now building their own businesses.

17. Reduce the tax burden down to 0%

As a network marketer, you have a surprising number of options to reduce your tax burden, e.g. with Non Dom Cyprus you can move to an EU tax haven, so to speak, and receive tax-free dividends instead of being subject to income tax or capital gains tax.

As an employee, you have very few options to reduce your tax burden.

18. Your health will thank you

Many people spoil their health in the long run through hard physical work, I have met a self-employed painter who is now under 60 years of age actually unable to work, he simply has no other option than to replace his previous work with network marketing or online marketing and has to go about its old job with a broken back for as long as the new business isn't up and running, isn't it nice?