Should Boruto date Sumire

Chapter 13

Sarada POV
I woke up and looked out the window, still tired. ,,The sun is shining...."
I was just looking for my glasses, until suddenly a certain person pushes me close.
I quickly took my glasses and saw Boruto!

,, Hya! Boruto ?! "I screamed, whereupon Boruto jumped up." W-What was that about, Sarada ?! "
He scratched his head and lay down next to me again.

"... You exaggerated yesterday ...", I sighed, but he just grinned and hugged me even tighter. "But you liked it-" "Shut up! * Blush *"

After a while I got up and looked out the window. I kind of liked to watch the sun. "Nice view.", Said Boruto, who had sat down. "Yes."
Suddenly he grinned and hugged me from behind. "I meant another great view."

I considered. But then Boruto's hands went up to my breasts and I immediately understood what he meant by that.
"Hands off, you pervert."

After a while

“Boruto! Food is ready! "I called from the kitchen and made two more cups of coffee.
Boruto happily came out of his room and sat down.

,,Good Appetite!"

"What's going on, Boruto?" I asked, as Boruto is acting strangely calm and also made such a worried face. He looked at me, then looked again at another place, then again at his food. What was wrong with him ?
"Bo-ru-to?" This time he really reacted.
"Y-yes?" "I asked you what's going on." He sighed. ,, I ... I had such a strange ... how should I put it ... imagination. Your parents are said to have been "seriously injured" in a car accident on XXX Street. I don't understand myself ... "I couldn't help but stare at him in shock." B-Boruto .. don't worry about that. As your father said: My mother works as a nurse at the moment. My father apparently in the Abroad or something. And ... "

I could not anymore. My feelings poured out in one fell swoop. No. It was more of a mixed feeling.
Boruto rushed to me and hugged me. "I'm sorry ... to tell you something like that .." "N-No ... I .. I don't know why I .... * shivering * I'm sorry." I kept apologizing over and over. I was really pathetic.

"I .. was just a little scared .. nothing more."

Some days later

We went back to university as usual. Except that I wasn't friends with Sumire anymore ...
"Hello, Sarada. Are you alright? ", Inojin greeted me. I smiled crookedly." Yes, I'm g-alright .. "Boruto, on the other hand, got upset. ,,And what about me??"
I started to laugh. And gradually Chocho, Shikadai and Mitsuki came.

That day passed quite normally. Only that....
Boruto couldn't always hold back. * sigh *

After math class I went to the cafeteria with Chocho, but suddenly someone pulled me from Chocho and kissed me.

Sarada: Chocho, it's your birthday soon, isn't it?
Chocho: Yes a! My - I'm going to have a big party with lots of snacks and ... * blablabla *
Sarada: Hehe .. Uh ?! Hey!
Chocho: Nanu? Did you say something, Sarada-?

.. ~ emptiness ~ ...

Chocho: -._.-
I was pulled along and kissed by Boruto.
And before the kiss got any deeper, I stopped it.

Sarada:* heavy breaths * We are in the university!
Boruto: And that's why you shouldn't be so loud.

And already his lips were on mine again.

And it had been going on for days now. * sigh *

In the sports garage (if that's what you call it_)

Sarada: Ngh ..! B-Boruto ....! Not here!
Boruto: But we are alone ~
Sarada: But the others will still-
Boruto: Just be quiet ...- 3-
Sarada: You-

But today he was caught.


Boruto: Hah! I am much more motivated now!
Sarada: Tsk. Next time I'll just hit you.
Inojin: What for?
Sarada: Well for- Inojin ?!
Boruto: Where are Chocho and Shikadai?
Shikadai: Here we are-.-
Chocho: Oh Sarada! Your glasses are dirty.
Sarada: Oh ... * takes off the glasses and cleans the glasses *
Inojin: You look a lot prettier without glasses ^^

Shikadai: * sigh * Hm?

Shikadai's thoughts:
- Mouth is open ..
- cheeks are reddish
- Moist eyes ...

After I put my glasses back on, Shikadai suddenly pulled Inojin and Chocho away and said: "Just tell us if we're bothering you!"
Then Boruto and I blushed.

"Shikadai is far too astute ..."
,, * sigh * hands off, you pervert .. "


???: * sigh * I ... I can't hide it from you anymore. I have to tell the truth ...
I'm sorry .. Sasuke ... Sakura. I couldn't keep it a secret any longer.