Bratwurst is popular in China

Chinese people in Germany - these are the dishes they prefer to eat here

The Christmas season is just around the corner and many Chinese people who live in Germany are also enjoying this time. The romantic Christmas markets, the great shopping offers, the delicious mulled wine and ... What about traditional German holiday cuisine? A recent survey shows that German cuisine is not the first choice for people from China in this country.

The Chinese like Germany for a variety of reasons. In China, German product quality is highly valued, German athletes are admired and German beer also has a good reputation. The German culinary art, on the other hand, is not that well known in the Middle Kingdom. This can also have something to do with the fact that the average Chinese palate is somewhat spoiled by the diverse cuisine of Asia. And if you ask about special dishes from Europe in China, you tend to refer to the culinary art from Italy and France.

Favorite dishes of the Chinese in Germany

A recent survey in the largest Facebook group of Chinese in Germany suggests that German cuisine is not the best (for the Chinese). There, Chinese people who live or have lived in Germany were asked about their favorite German food. Some dishes were given, and the participants could add and choose their own suggestions. So far over 150 votes have been cast and the top 5 looks like this:

5th place: Bratwurst

Bratwurst made fifth place with a good ten votes.

4th place: knuckle

The hearty knuckle, which many associate with southern Germany, came fourth with one vote more.

3rd place: Chinese food

Here comes the first surprise, which in turn shouldn't come as a surprise. One respondent added the option “Chinese food”, which does not necessarily mean Chinese restaurants in Germany. Because they often do not cook very authentically, many German Chinese prefer to prepare their own food. Some of the ingredients they bring with them from China, such as spices or sauces that are unusual in Germany, and rice cookers have often been seen in luggage to Europe. Other ingredients for Chinese food are available in Asian supermarkets, which are easy to find, at least in larger cities.

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2nd place: doner kebab

This option was also supplemented by the participants and is likely to snub some German cooks. Whether the real kebab comes from Berlin or not - at least this snack specialty is not a traditional German invention. Why the Chinese like to eat it here so much cannot be finally clarified. It is somewhat reminiscent of the spicy grill specialties that you can find at the stalls of the rich street kitchen in China. In any case, according to the online survey among German Chinese people, the kebab beats bratwurst, french fries, pizza and co.

1st place: "Delicious food in Germany?"

The option chosen most frequently with almost 60 votes also comes from the community. With a pinch of humor, one of the participants answered the question “What is the tastiest food in Germany” as a counter-question: “There is delicious food in Germany?” There is no need to comment further.

Conclusion: Maybe just the wrong way?

Anyone who knows China knows that Chinese cuisine is among the best in the world. Some even say that China's religion is the comprehensive food culture. In fact, especially in China, the food factor is not infrequently taken into account in surveys of public satisfaction. Certain regions not only have one or two special specialties, but really have their own cuisine. This is of course favored by the great variety of climatic zones, flora and fauna in the gigantic empire. It is not for nothing that people in China say, half seriously, half jokingly, that everything is eaten with four legs apart from tables.

But why is German cuisine doing so badly? On the one hand, eating and eating out in Germany is not as socially anchored as it is in China's tradition. While young people in Germany often go out to eat and then have a drink, in China they often stay in a restaurant all evening. The courses are served one after the other and everyone eats different dishes together. On the other hand, many Chinese only come into contact with a small, perhaps not the best part of German cuisine. After one or two lunches in the cafeteria or canteen, guests from China are sometimes put off. In China, newcomers are more likely to be taken to a good restaurant, but less so in Germany.

The good home-style cooking from Germany is also withheld from many Chinese. In an interview, a long-time German expert from China said: “I lived in Germany for two years and often ate badly. Then I was invited to the grandparents of a colleague. Since then, I've loved German cuisine. ”Doesn't that even show that grandma's culinary art should be honored and passed on more in Germany? Then German cuisine may soon make it into the top 3 favorite dishes of the Chinese in Germany.

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