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Sibling Day 2022

On April 10, 2022, siblings around the world celebrate Sibling's Day, which is also known as Siblings Day. The day was initiated in 1997 by Claudia Evart in memory of her siblings Alan and Lisette, both of whom she lost in various car accidents. Evartden chose the birthday of her sister Lisette in the accident, April 10th, as the date. The day is intended as a complement to Mother's and Father's Day and is intended to honor the relationship between siblings.

Sibling's Day is celebrated, for example, by sending greeting cards or e-mails to the siblings or by simply calling them. Personal meetings, invitations to dinner or walks with the siblings are also an opportunity to cultivate and appreciate the special relationship between siblings. Of course, this is less about how to celebrate and more about the background of the celebration. The siblings should experience that they are valued and loved.

Siblings are second-degree relatives in the legal sense. They can be divided into full siblings and half siblings or half siblings. While children from one set of parents - i.e. with identical ancestors - are referred to as full siblings, half-siblings are those children of one parent with another partner. So you only have the mother or the father in common. The fully recognized, non-biological adoptive siblings are also considered to be siblings.

Children who grow up without siblings are called only children. Especially in large cities, where the family and social networks are not as well developed as in rural regions or smaller communities, there is often a lack of opportunities to make it easier to raise several children. But also less favorable living situations, the pursuit of a professional career and the financial burden are reasons that can lead to only children. On sibling day, however, these people can also contact friends who are like sisters or brothers to them.

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