Where can I use sodexo

Which stores accept sodexo vouchers?

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Can I redeem Sodexo on Amazon?

The Gift Pass Card leaves When shopping online, you can also go anywhere beyond Austrian borders redeemwhere Visa is accepted. Orders at Amazon or other online retailers are therefore easily possible.

Where can I redeem the Sodexo Restaurant Pass?

Our Sodexo Restaurant Pass as a meal voucher is with numerous Restaurants and restaurants can be redeemed. On our website www.sodexo.de / savegastro you will find those Restaurantsbelonging to the partner network of Sodexo are connected and offer a pick-up or delivery service.

How does Sodexo Restaurant Pass work?

They're back, the food stamps. Only under new names: restaurant-passport. Of Sodexo. ... The whole is working so that the employer on top (or in the form of salary conversion) vouchers from sodexo (formerly sodexho) distributed to the employees.

Can Sodexo vouchers expire?

It ends with procedure of the printed calendar year. To procedure the period of validity of the checks can this only up to and including June 30th of the year following the printed year of the check to credit the face value Sodexo be submitted. The date of receipt of the mail applies.

What does Sodexo cost?

pay a service fee of € 100.00. Freight costs: You will be charged depending on the type of delivery Sodexo Pass freight charges for delivery of the goods. A flat-rate freight charge can be contractually agreed.

What is Sodexo Benefits Pass?

The Sodexo Benefits Pass® is a rechargeable prepaid card that can be loaded with credit by both the employer and the cardholder himself. With your Sodexo Benefits Pass® you can use your balance at all Sodexo Redeem acceptance points.

How does Sodexo card work?


is a prepaid mapwhich is loaded with credit by your employer. The map is accepted by over 80,000 attractive acceptance partners across Germany - also online. So you can go shopping, grocery shopping, eating or filling up with your credit.

What does Sodexo mean?

The Sodexo Group (until 2008 Sodexho Alliance) is a Listed (CAC 40) French company specializing in catering, community catering and facility management. ... According to the company's own information, 100 million end customers around the world use the company's services every day.

How long are vouchers valid with the date?

Even if on one Voucher If no time limit is noted, the receipt cannot be redeemed for an unlimited period of time. In general, a limitation period of three years applies. Then the provider does not have to use the Voucher redeem or reimburse the monetary value noted on it minus its lost profit.

How long are thermal vouchers valid?

Legally keep yours Coupons 30 years validity (Exception: ComplimentaryCoupons). An exchange or cash redemption of the Coupons can not.