Who is the happiest and happiest person

The happiest person in the world reveals how to train your luck every day

Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk and is considered the happiest person in the world. As a true expert, he reveals his five secrets to happiness.

According to scientists, the 74-year-old Matthieu Ricard is the "happiest person in the world". A brain scan was performed by Ricard as part of a study. The researchers found unusually strong activity in the left side of the monk's prefrontal cortex. The right side activity was very weak in comparison. The more pronounced the left area, the more positive feelings a person has. On the other hand, strong activity on the right indicates depression.

Whoever only thinks "I" is the maker of his own misfortune

Ricard, who found his happiness in life when he began to occupy himself with Buddhism, finds the title "happiest person in the world" a bit exaggerated, but he definitely sees himself as a happier person. For Richard, one of the keys to happiness is altruism, as he reveals:

Anyone who always lets their thoughts revolve around themselves and thinks about how they could do things better quickly becomes strained, stressed - and unhappy.

Benevolence, kindness, enthusiasm and solidarity

Those who want to feel better should rather seek happiness in kindness and benevolence towards others, explains the monk. This not only makes you feel better, but also ensures that other people will treat you more positively.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you should let yourself be exploited, Ricards clarifies:

Benevolence, kindness, enthusiasm and solidarity, this is on the one hand a very healthy state for your mind, on the other hand people will perceive you more positively and you will feel fitter.

Raise the level of happiness to a new level

Ricard is convinced that every healthy person has the potential to be satisfied and good:

Benevolence, mindfulness, emotional balance, and resilience are qualities that we can train. In this respect, one can say that you can train happiness and raise your happiness level to a new level with mental training.

If you get used to doing this, it can make a huge difference in your daily life. But this requires regular training. Ricards himself uses meditation.

This is how you train your happiness every day

When you begin training, try to devote 10 to 15 minutes a day to positive thoughts. Ricards regrets that people normally only savor happy moments for a short time before turning back to other things.

His advice: Extend the moment of happiness a little. If you repeat this exercise, you will feel a positive mental effect after about two weeks. If you do this training for 50 years, you might even have the chance to become a happiness professional like Ricard.