Why is American Express not accepted everywhere?


The credit card is the number one means of payment for America vacations. Those who do not have one are considered to be of little or no creditworthiness - for this reason some Americans have up to 20 different copies. They are usually needed when checking in at the hotel, where they are used as security for ancillary services, such as ordering food for the room. But plastic money is also used to book a rental car or to visit a doctor.

Withdraw cash on vacation in the USA - EC or credit card?

You often run out of cash on vacation, as it is generally recommended that you only carry small amounts of cash with you. You should always have some change with you for tips, parking tickets or bus tickets, for example. One way to withdraw additional cash while you are in the USA is by credit card. In every bank branch you can get cash on presentation of your card and passport. If you don't want to wait at the counter and don't want to be based on the opening times, you can use the PIN code to withdraw money at the ATM. Basically, the charges for credit cards are three percent, but at least 2.50 to four euros. In addition, a manipulation fee of up to two percent must be paid. Since credit cards are the most popular form of payment in the US, travelers should always have at least two with them. This avoids the risk of being unable to pay in the event of a sudden card defect and ensures that you have an alternative card with you if companies cannot accept certain credit cards.

The EC card, an alternative?

Cash can be withdrawn around the clock with an EC card, provided it has a Maestro or Cirrus logo. However, existing withdrawal limits and applicable fees must be observed. In Austria, a limit of around 400 euros per day is common - if you want to withdraw larger sums at ATMs abroad, you must first contact your house bank or savings bank and increase the withdrawal limit per day accordingly. It must also be borne in mind that cash withdrawals are generally not free of charge. Anyone who withdraws money with the EC card outside the euro area must expect expenses of 0.75 percent plus 1.82 euros. Due to the fixed amount, it is advisable to collect a few large sums of money instead of many small sums in the non-euro area.

Travelers check or credit card for travel to the USA?

Along with credit cards, travelers checks are a popular means of payment for trips to the USA. The travelers check is also one of the safest means of payment and is a popular substitute for cash when you are abroad. Travelers checks are purchased in the required currency from the bank or similar before departure. A commission of one to two percent of the purchase value is due for this, which is paid to the exhibitor. The check must then be signed by the purchaser both when purchasing and when redeeming it abroad in front of the recipient. If necessary, the presentation of an identity card or passport may be required. In this way, misuse can be prevented, among other things. In general, it is important to keep the sales receipt on which the serial number of the travelers check is listed. In the event of loss or theft, this number must be quoted in the police report - only then will the traveler's check be replaced by the issuer.

The checks are not accepted everywhere, however, so finding out in advance is a must.