What tastes better when you grill or roast bacon

Grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon

Grilling asparagus is particularly popular in the asparagus months of April, May and June. You can now enjoy the delicious green and white sticks all year round.

This asparagus recipe can be designed in many ways. The basis is always asparagus and bacon or bacon. Various dips, baked potatoes from the grill, roasted vegetables with spicy oils and much more go well with this. Here we present the asparagus preparation in combination with a delicious herb dip.

Grilled asparagus with bacon: green or white asparagus?

Whether grilling green or white asparagus: How you decide is up to you and your taste. We recommend both varieties for barbecuing with friends.

Make sure to buy fresh asparagus from local cultivation. Not only is it completely harmless from a climate point of view, it also tastes better.

After trying our recipe, you will definitely never boil asparagus in water again! Grilled asparagus has a much more intense taste and is simply unbeatable in combination with bacon. It is best to use a perforated sheet or a rectangular vegetable grill basket.


  1. For the herb dip, we recommend preparing about an hour before grilling so that it can still go through a bit. Yoghurt and quark are mixed, the herbs cleaned, chopped into small pieces and stirred in. If the dip gets too thick, a tiny amount of water will help make it smoother. It is seasoned with salt and pepper. Lemon or alternatively balsamic vinegar provide the special acidic note. Fans of spicy food are also recommended a generous pinch of chilli.
  2. The white asparagus is then peeled first. This is not necessary with green asparagus. Cut off the ends generously. Then wrap the asparagus with the bacon slices. In the case of green asparagus, two to three stalks are grouped together due to its small thickness. The thicker white asparagus gets one slice alone.
  3. We recommend using a perforated sheet when grilling asparagus. So you can put the asparagus wrapped in bacon directly on the baking sheet after preparation, which is then placed on the grill surface. This saves you the hassle of putting on or taking off the individual asparagus stalks.
  4. The prepared grill temperature should not be excessively high in order to protect the delicate vegetables. 160 to 170 ° C are ideal for direct grilling with a time span of around 8-10 minutes. Don't forget to turn the asparagus and bacon packets occasionally so that everything cooks and cooks evenly. If necessary, particularly thick asparagus spears then need a few minutes of indirect heat with the lid closed.

Tip: We recommend fresh homemade baguette or ciabatta for grilling asparagus with bacon and the dip. Spicy potato wedges and marinated vegetables of your choice also taste very good with it.

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