Donald Trump tans every day

"Fake News": Trump defends himself against an unfavorable photo

Unfavorable photos can really spoil the mood. Donald Trump has now also experienced this. Because the Twitter account "White House Photos" published a snapshot of the US President, which he did not like at all. No wonder, as the photo clearly shows the point on the face to which the self-tanner was applied. The brown-skin-color contrast can be clearly seen, even in a black-and-white version.

Photoshop allegation

Reason enough for the US President to call the photo by photographer William Moon a fake. "It was obviously photoshopped, but the wind was strong and the hair is good? Anything to humiliate!" Said Trump on Twitter.

"White House Photos" replied that the photo had never been edited with Photoshop. "However, Apple's Photo app was used to make a color adjustment."

Comparison with other pictures

How strong this adjustment turned out remains to be seen. If you look at photos from other agencies, the app should at least have increased the contrast. However, it is also beyond dispute that there is a contrast. The tan lines can also be seen on other photos.


And Twitter users didn't miss the chance to make fun of the photo. For example, the snapshot has been compared to the film "Mrs. Doubtfire", in which Robin Williams disguises himself as a nanny to see his children. Wilson, the volleyball from "Cast Away", is also named as a role model. One user alludes to the Blackfacing scandal that caused trouble for the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in September. Here is a brief overview:

(red, 02/10/2020)