I wanted to compress a large video file

Shrink the video

If you want to send a video or include it on your website, it may be necessary to reduce a large video file. With Online-Umwandeln.de you can compress your video in just three steps:

How can I shrink videos online?

  1. Upload your video file with the "Select file" button.
  2. Select the target format (usually .mp4 is a good choice)
  3. Click "Shrink Video!"
  4. The download starts automatically on the next page as soon as the conversion is complete. You will then find the file in your download folder.

Which video formats can be downsized?

Online-Umwandeln.de currently supports the downsizing of a large number of video formats, including the following: .mp4, .wmv, .mov, .3gpp, .avi, .vob, .mpg, .mpeg, .gif, .mkv,. flv, .webm.

Different technologies are used to compress a video. The most decisive factors when compressing a video are the resolution and the so-called codec. These two aspects mainly concern the video part of a film. The size of the audio part (i.e. the sound of a video) is mainly influenced by the bit rate, the codec and the number of channels. For example, a video can contain audio for stereo (two channels) or surround sound (four or more channels) - or both.

The individual aspects are explained again in detail below:

How does the resolution of a video affect the file size?

The resolution goes square into the size of a video. This means that a video with 4k resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) with Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) is roughly the four times the file size occupies - because the number of pixels (the product of the resolution) is also four times as high.

How does the frame rate (frames per second) affect the size of a video?

The frame rate goes linear in the file size a video. In the concrete example, a video with 60 fps (frames per second - frames per second) has one twice the file size result in a video at 30 fps.

How does the codec / file format affect the video size?

The codec is also very important for the final file size of a video. The better a codec can compress the video, the smaller the file will be. Great progress has been made here in recent years with codecs such as .h264 and .h265, so that significantly smaller files can be achieved with the same quality with newer codecs.

Online-Umwandeln.de has already made the best possible assumptions for resolution, frame rate and codec in the basic setting. If you do not change the settings, the video remains in its original quality and only the image and sound codecs are optimized in order to achieve the best possible result in terms of quality and the smallest possible file size.

Video tutorial: Shrink video

Online-Umwandeln.de is a service for converting from one file type to the next. We handle our customers' data confidentially and offer the option of converting files online without having to register. Since the conversion takes place in the browser, it does not matter whether you are using Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. All functions of Online-Umwandeln.de are available online without installation. The converted files are always of the same high quality - and of course also without watermarks.