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Lose weight healthily: what makes a good diet? - Tips from the expert

Lose a few pounds quickly before your beach vacation - especially in summer, weight plays a role at the latest when swimming trunks or bikini become your favorite outfit. Numerous diets promise amazing results. Paleo, protein shakes, DASH diet - how can you orient yourself in the increasingly dense weight loss jungle?

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Lose fat, maintain muscle

Successful weight loss does not depend on the weight lost. So that the dreaded yo-yo effect does not occur, a diet must be designed in such a way that the body fat mass decreases, but the muscles are retained. If there is a lack of calorie intake, the body falls back on the protein resources in the muscles. So that the muscles do not shrink, various protein-rich foods such as eggs or soy products with a high biological value should be consumed.

Whole grain products, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit as well as high-quality oils should also be on the menu every day, and adequate fluid intake is also important. Mono-diets that mainly involve consuming one specific food, such as cabbage, cannot provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

Diet with protein shake

So-called formula diets with medicinal protein shakes to mix are conditionally suitable, for example in the context of dietary-medically accompanied weight reduction in severely overweight people with a subsequent change in diet. However, many commercial shakes have a very high sugar content or poor composition. So how do you find a diet that enables healthy and sustainable weight loss?

Cordula Parlow is a dietician and certified nutritionist from Bad Doberan. She doesn't think much of diets. On the one hand, because dieting can pose health risks for people with previous illnesses, on the other hand, because the yo-yo effect threatens as soon as people eat as usual again. Those who shimmy from diet to diet even run the risk of developing an eating disorder.

Change of diet instead of diet?

"In my experience, people who have been on a lot of diets have often put on weight. If a person started with five kilos overweight, it can get 20. If the number of calories is drastically reduced and extreme nutrient ratios are chosen, the body falls into an economy mode to work with as little calories as possible. If you eat again as before the diet, you gain weight all the faster - the famous yo-yo effect, "says Cordula Parlow.

But what if you want to lose a kilo quickly? Does a temporary diet harm the body? A short diet for low weight loss can balance the body, says the nutritionist. However, people with previous illnesses should have their diet plans clarified by a doctor beforehand. Before Cordula Parlow creates the weight loss plan with her clients, she checks the blood values. For example the uric acid levels to rule out the risk of a gout attack due to losing weight too quickly.

"If you want to lose a kilo quickly, you can achieve this by changing your diet," encourages the dietician. Together with her clients, she therefore evaluates eating habits and diets that have already been tried. "Together we then look at what diet and lifestyle habits lead to weight gain. Sometimes these are just high-calorie soft drinks. If you do without these, you can lose two kilos in two weeks without dieting."

Even negative beliefs like "I can't do it anyway" often lead to failure. That's why it is important to get this out of the way, the nutritionist knows: "Ten kilos lost can seem worthless for a severely overweight person. I will then use an example - about ten kilos of butter - to show you what you have already achieved."

Weight loss tips from the nutrition coach

The individual eating culture also plays a major role in the analysis. If you snack all day, it increases your blood sugar every time. The result: Shortly afterwards, you feel hungry again. Nutrition coach Cordula Parlow advises:

  • plan three fixed meals
  • if possible cook fresh at home
  • Prepare food appropriately
  • Eat consciously so that a feeling of satiety can develop
  • Enjoy eating with your senses
  • Understanding saturation: don't feel full, feel satisfied
  • Pay attention to a balanced nutrient ratio: protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins

If a meal contains too little protein, the feeling of satiety only lasts for a short time and people eat again. But emotions can also tempt you to snack. If there is snacking for reassurance, the dietitian and her clients look for clues: What is the problem? Which food cravings triggers need to be neutralized?

The nutritionist warns of bans, because under pressure, many people like to eat more sweets or high-fat and salty snacks. As everywhere, the same applies here: It's the amount that counts. A piece of chocolate is not a sin. It becomes problematic when sweets, chips or over-spiced and often sugary finished products are regularly eaten in large quantities.

Lose weight in a relaxed way without diet

Parlow recommends gently breaking away from bad eating habits, slowly breaking down unhealthy things. In this way, the sense of taste used to salty, sweet and flavor enhancers can be reprogrammed. A three-day fast can also help reset your sense of taste.

"Whether three days of interval fasting or an oat cure - you should have enough rest, go for a lot of walks and simply take your body down. After that you will notice that you have a completely different taste sensation." So the actual change in diet can begin with a sensitized sense of taste. Suddenly a full meal tastes interesting again. A medical examination should be carried out before a fasting cure.

The German Nutrition Society recommends focusing mainly on plant-based foods such as vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts and whole grain products and supplementing them with high-quality vegetable oils and foods of animal origin such as quark.

Tips for losing weight at a glance:

  • Keep a nutritional log
  • fixed meals instead of snacks
  • Enjoy food consciously
  • slowly wean yourself from lots of sugar and salt
  • Change of diet instead of diet
  • do not pronounce any prohibitions
  • convert negative beliefs to positive
  • Avoid soft drinks and finished products
  • Replace salt with spices and herbs
  • Consult a doctor before fasting or dieting
  • Let experts accompany high weight loss
  • Write down your weight, celebrate small successes

Many health insurance companies now support a visit to a certified nutritional counseling service with grants. In this way, an individual nutritional concept can be created that fits your personal lifestyle and helps to reduce weight without the yo-yo effect.

Cordula Parlow is a certified nutritionist and dietician with her own practice in Bad Doberan. She also attended the nutritional psychology certificate study program at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences. As a nutrition coach, she accompanies people on their way to a healthier eating behavior in order to maintain well-being, health and a comfortable weight in the long term.

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