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Self-employed part-time: 5 reasons why it's worth it

Although a part-time self-employment means additional work on top of the actual full-time job, so there are very good reasons why you should start doing it today. We present five of them to you here. Now start your path with the first step and use the Chance to realize yourself and maybe even be your own boss at some point.

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1. Founding your own startup has never been easier

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, all products and services are just a click away. It has never been so easy and inexpensive to get one own product or business idea try them out and introduce them to thousands of people and potential customers. There have never been so many startups in Germany as there are today. And the digitization of our world does not seem to be over yet. Use this unique chance and start your dreams and Turning ideas into action.

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2. Are you lacking ideas to be self-employed on a part-time basis? Follow your passion!

Some people will love their job 100% so that they don't need any other activities to experience absolute fulfillment. But unfortunately that is more of a rarity. Instead, many are satisfied with their current job perfect happiness however, some aspects are still missing. One reason for this may be that you are not yours real purpose and passion followed, but got into your current position through other circumstances and ways.

However, quitting the current job is not always the best possible solution.

A Side project offers you the opportunity to pursue what doesn't necessarily feel like work to you - your private passion. And when all the components fit together, it is the first step towards independence.

3. Thinking outside the box

However, independence does not have to be the overriding goal. Rather, an activity as a sidepreneur allows you to do a take a different perspective and can take a look outside the box. This is, for example, an operational project for a strategist. Or an artisanal one for an office tiger. In general, a side project can use the Expand the expertise of your main job or also one take a completely different direction.

It is important that you follow your own understanding professionaldevelop and that is strongly reflected in a solid self-confidence after a certain start-up time. Because if everything doesn't go wrong, you will create something with a lot of passion and be filled with pride. And that's a great feeling!

In addition, a different perspective may also help you to better understand facts from your full-time job. Because the more roles you can put yourself in, the better it is holistic understanding.

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4. Stand out from the crowd

But a side project will not only influence yours Personality development it will also allow you to stand out from the crowd and take the famous step forward.

As a sidepreneur, you demonstrate ambition, entrepreneurial thinking and much more.

And that ultimately not only ensures Curiosity and respect among colleaguesbut also for a more interesting résumé and probably for exciting job offers from the market. Whether you want to accept this is of course another topic.

5. Generate additional income

Last but not least, a side project also gives you the opportunity Earn extra income. However, you should think twice about whether this is the main motivation. After all, there is a risk of creating a major stress factor alongside your full-time job.

Rather, it is recommended that you pursue your real passion, because then it is not unlikely that the end result will be measurable in hard cash. Because passion and heart and soul allow you to create the best things. The hunt for the quick euro is less likely.

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Side project? Just start!

So, regardless of whether your side project will take you into the independence or simply gives you the opportunity to live out your passions - a side project has a lot to offer. But what is essential is:

Every path begins with the first step, even if the path to success is sometimes a long one.

Perseverance is an essential component of success. And Steve Jobs failed a few times before he made it to Apple. So it's best to start your first step today.

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Daniel Bichler has been working for the Otto Group as an e-commerce and online marketing consultant for more than five years. As a trained IT specialist and graduate in business administration, he has the necessary tools to set up the ohphoria.de side project together with his wife Monse. As gift assistants, you want to inspire your users with creative gift ideas and bring more joy and surprise into giving.