Which R4 works with the 2DS XL

Welcome to Nintendo Customer Service

Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and 3DS XL systems work with SD cards up to 2 GB and SDHC cards from 4 to 32 GB. You can use the SD Card that came with your Nintendo 3DS, 2DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system or the following Nintendo-approved SDHC Cards: 8 GB [RVL-037] or 16 GB [RVL-038].

We have also checked the functionality of the following SD cards:

SanDisk Extreme:

  • 8 GB [SDSDX-008G-X46]
  • 16 GB [SDSDXN-016G-G46]
  • 32 GB [SDSDXN-032G-G46]

SanDisk Extreme PLUS:

  • 8 GB [SDSDXS-008G-X46]
  • 16 GB [SDSDXS-016G-X46]
  • 32 GB [SDSDXS-032G-X46]

SanDisk Extreme Pro:

  • 16 GB [SDSDXPA-016G-X46]
  • 32 GB [SDSDXPA-032G-X46]

Panasonic GOLD:

  • 8 GB [RP-SDUB08GAK]
  • 16 GB [RP-SDUB16GAK]
  • 32 GB [RP-SDUB32GAK]

Lexar Premium Series:

  • 8 GB [LSD8GBBBEU200C10]
  • 16 GB [LSD16GBBEU200]
  • 32 GB [LSD32GBBEU200]

(Status: November 13, 2014)

The above devices have been subjected to functional tests. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that these devices will function properly.

Please refer to the instruction manual of the SD card for further information.

The specifications of these SD cards are subject to change. Due to a specification change, the memory cards may not work properly with a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system.

SanDisk Extreme is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation, registered in the US and other countries.