Can you hurt something while ice skating?

Not that easy to learn

There is one small catch, however: it looks easier than it is. Before you can glide elegantly over the ice, you not only need patience, but above all a certain degree of frustration tolerance. On the one hand, you often end up on your backside at first, on the other hand, friends and relatives like to compensate for their own inability with mockery. Inline experience is helpful, by the way.

Fitness factor in ice skating

Disregarding the risk of injuring yourself in a fall, ice skating is a healthy sport. Those who do their laps evenly over a longer period of time strengthen the heart and circulation and burn some fat at the same time. With the appropriate technique and intensity, the muscles on the buttocks and thighs are also trained. Interesting for children: ice skating trains a sense of balance, body control and coordination.

Warm clothes and ice skates as a basis

All you need is the urge to move, warm clothing and a pair of suitable ice skates. The latter can also be borrowed - at least in ice rinks. Cost: between 2 and 5 euros.

Ice skating safety

Particular caution is required if you are not walking in the hall, but on a frozen natural body of water. The following applies here: only enter ice rinks if they are officially approved. In order to prevent fall injuries, we recommend knee and elbow pads for children, and even helmets if necessary.

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