Why isn't there sugar-free ice cream

Ice cream without sugar - 28 easy recipes

Not only is sugar free trend, but also healthy. But when it comes to homemade ice cream, this is paradoxical at first glance, because sugar plays an important role for them consistency of ice cream. As a rule of thumb, the more sugar there is in the ice cream, the more creamier is it.

Ice cream without sugar - alternative ingredients

Nevertheless, you don't have to do without ice cream. Especially Fruit ice cream (= Ice cream with a fruit content of at least 20% and based on water or cream) does not have any added sugar and tastes at least as good as ice cream with conventional sugar.

Also, many contain Fruits by nature a pleasant sweetness, e.g. B. bananas, berries, mangoes or dates. But there is an additional pro-argument: you need for fruit ice cream no ice machine. Ice cream molds and Wooden sticks are completely sufficient. And the preparation is also much faster!

Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn't it? Easy frozen fruit take, in one Puree the mixer, refine with spices, fill, let freeze - done!

If the sweetness from fresh or frozen fruits is not enough for you, you can use natural sweetening alternatives such as honey, Maple syrup, Agave syrup or also orange juice to help.

Important: Frozen honey affects the consistency of your ice cream and makes it very firm. To make the ice cream as creamy as possible, you can mix your pureed fruits with creamy ingredients (e.g. quark, yogurt or kefir).

Vegan ice cream without sugar

Do you want to enjoy your ice cream not only sugar-free, but also vegan? No problem! Fruit ice cream and sorbet often do not contain any animal products. If you want to make creamy ice cream, you can use the corresponding vegan counterparts instead of milk, cream and eggs Plant milk, Plant cream or Coconut milk and Locust bean gum. The latter is a vegan egg substitute and gels when stirred into the ice cream mass.

Chocolate cashew ice cream, strawberry melon ice cream or blueberry coconut ice cream - whatever your personal preferences, here you will find great recipes and healthy ice cream to suit your taste.

Have fun trying!