Why is every house grounded


To avoid these disadvantages, has long been in the Technical connection requirements of the electricity supplier (TAB) as in DIN 18015-1 Electrical systems in residential buildings. Planning basics A foundation earth electrode is required for new buildings. The foundation earth electrode is inserted into the building foundation and improves the effectiveness of all measures to protect against electric shock. The main equipotential bonding becomes much more effective. The foundation earth electrode can be seen as the "backbone" of all earthing measures in the consumer system. In addition, the foundation earth electrode can also serve as an earth electrode for lightning protection systems, for FI protection, for telecommunications and communication systems, etc.

The building owner / architect is responsible for planning the foundation earth electrode, which must be taken into account when tendering the structural work. The foundation manufacturer (building tradesman) is generally responsible for the execution in cooperation with the responsible electrician. Since the foundation earth electrode is part of the building's electrical system, acceptance should be carried out by responsible specialists from both trades - even before the concrete is poured.

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Basic installations

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Basic installations

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