What are software product management skills

What does an IT project manager do?

As an IT project manager, you are either in-house active or in Customer projects on road. IT projects in companies often revolve around the claim to make the IT landscape even better, faster and stronger. For your implementation projects you will carry out analyzes, evaluate the market, create a roadmap and control the implementation. If you work for customers, you ensure, for example, that the introduction of your new software runs smoothly or that the migration to your system works. You have all stakeholders, i.e. all people and companies affected by the project, in view.

For projects in the Online industry For example, it is about the development and optimization of websites or web-based software solutions. Here you usually lead several teams. Based on your concept, the respective experts take care of the technical specification, the technical construction, the testing, the final implementation and quality assurance.

As the person responsible for the project, you are caught between the three factors to be optimized: “time”, “costs” and “quality”. This can be quite a juggling: To meet the deadline, you may have to decide to work overtime. Contrary to your planning, this incurs additional costs. Or you have to save on quality in order to keep the fixed price. Keeping the balance here and that Stakeholder expectations Living up to justice is a fine art that sometimes requires strong nerves.

You are internal contact person, lead meetings and are in constant contact with programmers and product designers. At the same time, you represent the project externally: you advise customers, include their feedback and keep them up to date. Sometimes you are also in the Customer acquisition active, attracting new projects and supporting them sales and marketing. In general, the more experienced you are, the more independently you can make technical decisions as a project manager and get the company going.