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While you sleep: Uber optimizes meeting points with passengers

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While Europe sleeps, the tech industry on the US west coast is in full swing.

Uber optimizes meeting point with passengers

TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine wrote an article over the weekend about wishing the taxi competitor Over released a feature that allows the display of pickup locations. These should save time and be safer. For example, it should be shown where an Uber driver can stop safely without obstructing traffic or which streets can be reached more easily. As luck would have it, he was able to find this feature on Uber yesterday. With the "Suggested Pickup Points" such points are displayed quickly and easily. The feature is currently being tested, and the TechCrunch reporter saw it in San Francisco. However, other rumors that Uber will soon accept Bitcoin as a payment method have been rejected.[more about this at TechCrunch and Venturebeat]

Additional Reports

The popular live streaming service Meerkat it now allows its users to log in using Facebook instead of Twitter. A feature called Cameo was also launched, with which you can pass your own stream to a follower for 60 seconds. Celebrities could, for example, have fans ask questions during a live stream, which they then answer.[more about this at Re / code and Product Hunt]

Pinterest opens its API and enables Polyvore and IFTTT to be the first to use it. On Polyvore, for example, you can save the fashion or beauty collections you have created there directly on Pinterest. Pinterest is also open to collaboration with other companies.[more on this at Mashable]

Microsoft announced that 7,800 jobs will be cut. This will happen worldwide and over the next few months. Since Satya Nadella became CEO, Microsoft has been confronted with restructuring time and again.[more on this at Forbes]

Amazon now allows around 40 characters from video games to be brought to life using 3D printing. You can design details yourself. This is made possible by a partnership with the company Sandboxr, which specializes in 3D printing.[more on this at Venturebeat]

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