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Organic and mineral fertilization in organic farming

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Basics and practical instructions for P, K and Mg fertilization

The article describes the basics and practical implementation of basic fertilization in organic farming. First, the guidelines for nutrient supply and fertilization are listed.
  • Download report Then some important technical basics are explained with the help of which a fertilization model was created.

Basic fertilization instructions

Basic fertilization and liming must be based on the guidelines of the associations and the EU organic regulation (ANON., 1991). When it comes to liming, there are no differences between ecological and conventional methods.

Effectiveness of organic fertilizers on the yield and quality of potatoes

In addition to a favorable crop rotation, the selection of a suitable type and amount of organic fertilization is of decisive importance in successful potato cultivation.

Effects of different management intensities of a six-field crop rotation on the yield and quality of the harvested products as well as the field balance and nutrient development in the soil

In a long-term test, the arable, plant-based and ecological effects of various conventional farming systems with different levels of use of chemical means of production were examined at two locations.

Approved fertilizers and soil improvers

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