What to pinch in the MOSFET

Re: Power supply Arduino Mega2560


The best thing that can happen to Arduino and Co is that YOU (yes, both letters uppercase) don't buy the plagiarism. That's just the price when you build something open.

If even people like you (this time only the D big), who actually don't want 'the China stuff', buy from the Chinamann - where do you think the original Arduino will go?

So: Either buy cheap and come to terms with the fact that it is not an original, or bite into the sour pitcher, buy an original and find out that the Chinese have really copied it.

What does your external supply look like? If this is 'only' 5V, where should the> 7V for blocking the P-Fet come from (even literally, is a different connection)? If higher voltage and with a 5.5mm female connector - how high? If the voltage here is 'just a muscling above the drop voltage of the regulator', that could be too little for the P-FET. If it was >> 7V, the P-FET could just be defective - should have happened - not only with the Chinese.

Or: The Chinese have recognized that such a P-FET looks funny, but can also be saved for its function - THEN the 'over there' probably also have business administration students;)

But yes: still unpleasant, because you could also love other USB devices - although I am not familiar with the internal functioning of a USB hub, whether the 5V is bluntly looped through from port to port or whether there is a little more intelligence built into it is.

In this sense

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