What is the best traditional milling machine

Bed milling machines

State-of-the-art technology combined with traditional quality
For decades, Reckermann milling machines have enjoyed the reputation of being among the best in the world. The rock-solid quality, durability, productivity and, last but not least, the accuracy of the machines have established this reputation.
With experience from now 5 generations and the urge to always be at the forefront of new developments, Reckermann today offers milling machines that prove their special value wherever precision, variability, high performance and reliability are important. A large number of the detailed technical solutions are only available from Reckermann milling machines.

Two machines in one thanks to two spindles
In the universal milling machines, the Reckermann principle of the individually driven, independently working main spindles is implemented horizontally and vertically. Depending on the area of ​​application, our machines often replace two others. A powerful drive motor is assigned to each milling spindle, thus minimizing transmission losses. The power is transmitted vertically via palloid-toothed bevel gears and horizontally via large, helical-toothed ground gears.

High milling performance with short set-up times
Mechanical gear drives achieve high milling performance even in the lower speed range. The milling spindles are mounted in high precision angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings. All machines are equipped with large, preloaded ball screws.

Machine safety has priority
The safety of the operator has always been one of the most important concerns of Reckermann Fräsmaschinen GmbH. Every machine delivered is CE certified.
Our protective cabins offer the highest safety standards. Good access to workpieces and tools is still guaranteed.