What is web research

What is web research?

Web research is a Office program For Internet researchand Information gathering.

  • You can use it to save all the important information that you find while researching on the Internet - e.g. for later reading or processing.
  • They store information directly from the browser. The data is stored in database files ("collections") stored on your hard drive.
  • With the Web research application can later view, organize, edit and forward your information to other people.
  • Web research is integrated into Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and is easy to use thanks to the Microsoft Office-style user interface.

Web research makes internet research really productive:

Search engines help you find relevant information, browsers display it, but you need it Web research as the next stepin order to capture them and derive real benefit from them for your research project.

For example, save important information when researching your job, further training or just for your next vacation. Over time, one emerges high quality info collection in web research. You can search and reuse your collected material at any time.

With web research, you can Finally using information from the Internet properly. And it's quick and easy!