What is a vending machine fix

Fix-Box & Fix Box Lädele

Our Fix-Box & Fix Box Lädele

CONTACTLESS shopping in our


The 24 - hour machines with meat, sausage & co to go!

77966 Kappel- Grafenhausen, Main street 130

and New also in 77977 Rust, Karl Friedrichstr. 6th  FIX BOXLädele

Did you buy too little? Surprise visit? Cravings?

A classic: Sunday evenings and fridges,

now nothing like going to the sausage & meat machines.

The FIX - BOXin Grafenhausen and FIX - BOX girlsin Rust 

keep everything ready what you want right now.

There is around the clock:

New Chicken Breast Fillet Steak Cafee de Paris,

New Lotti s - Hofküche Sauce Hollandais in a 230 ml glass 

without preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers,

differently seasoned steak from pork, turkey, beef, Pollo fino mediterranean,

Grilled sausage, fire sausage, fried sausages, pork belly finely seasoned,

fresh wiener, meat salad, cocktail salad,

Ham cold cuts, butcher cold cuts, salami, Landjäger, Pfefferbeisser,

various sausage tins, Alex's currywurst -,Sauerbraten, beef roulade, beef tongue, beef roast, in the can, Drinks, eggs, butter, sweets and a lot more.

Enjoyment to go from the FIX - BOX and the FIX BOX Lädele

Country butchery and party service Fix.

Have your midnight vespers.