How fast is your internet in china

China defends its internet censorship

China's head of state and party leader Xi Jinping has defended his country's strict state internet controls with the argument of sovereignty. At the start of the World Internet Conference of the Chinese government in the east Chinese city of Wuzhen (article picture), the President said in a message of greeting to the 1,500 participants from 80 countries that China was opening its door to the world. The international community should respect the sovereignty of each country over its Internet.

Behind his concept of "cyber sovereignty" lies the claim that China and all countries have the right to manage and censor their Internet themselves. China is blocking social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, all Google services such as search, mail or maps or the online offers of Deutsche Welle, the "New York Times" or the "Wall Street Journal" and a large number of them China-critical websites and even disrupts the WhatsApp messenger service.

The bosses of the big corporations are there

Notwithstanding the strict Internet controls, Xi promised international corporations business opportunities in the People's Republic. The country will not close its doors to the global Internet, Xi said. The head of Google, Sundar Pichai, and the vice president of Facebook, Vaughan Smith, had traveled to the meeting under the supervision of the Internet authority CAC. You will give the conference the prominence that the Chinese Internet watchdogs want. Managers from Twitter, the Chinese Internet companies Tencent and Baidu and Amazon's rival Alibaba were also invited.

His company recently came under fire: Apple boss Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook was also there and reported in a speech that 1.8 million Chinese developers had already earned around 112 billion yuan, the equivalent of around 14 billion euros, through its app store.

The Apple company was recently criticized for taking tunnel software to bypass the Chinese barriers and, most recently, Skype from the Chinese app store on the instructions of the Chinese authorities. China is the second largest market for Apple worldwide, generates a quarter of its profits for the iPhone and computer company and is expected to become even more important in the future.

German companies are increasingly complaining about blockades

The three-day conference, which is taking place for the fourth time, is being organized by the state cyber administration, in whose hands the control and blocking of the Internet in China known as the "Great Firewall" are bundled.

German and other foreign companies are increasingly complaining about the blockages and the slow internet speed as an obstacle to doing business in China. As the annual survey by the German Chamber of Commerce showed, two thirds of German companies have problems with it today - only half of them last year.

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