The shipping costs are to be borne

Can I actually? Returns: Who bears the costs - customer or dealer?

The pants ordered online do not fit - so they are returned to the retailer. However, such a return does not necessarily have to be free of charge for customers. You can find out what the legal situation looks like and who has to pay here.

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Returns to the seller need not be free of charge

Since June 2014 the following applies according to EU law: Online shop operators are allowed to pay for returnscompletely passed on to the customers.

Previously, a return was generally free of charge for the customer if the value of the goods ordered and returned was more than 40 euros (“40 euros clause”). However, this legal right has lapsed for customers since 2014.

In practice, however, not all online shops ask their customers to checkout when they return a product. Larger mail order companies in particular often offer or for marketing reasons Free returns as a gesture of goodwill so that customers can continue to order from them and not elsewhere.

No free returns? Dealer must inform beforehand

Have you discovered an interesting online shop and now want to shop there for the first time? To find out whether you have to pay the postage for the eventual return of your order yourself, take a look at the General terms and conditionsbefore you fill your shopping cart.

If the return is not free of charge, the retailer must in any case send his customers a Right of withdrawal inform about this before the customer clicks on “Order”. If the dealer fails to do this, he must bear the costs himself.

How much is the costthat arise for the customer when returning, the dealer only has to specify in the cancellation policy if the goods cannot be returned by normal letter or parcel. Because with these common shipping methods, it can be assumed that the customer knows about the applicable fees or can easily find out about them himself.

But when the goods you buy are so heavy or bulky that you can use them do not return by post the dealer must be as specific as possible Provide information on the return costs incurred - for example for transport by a forwarding agent.

Declaration of revocation: This is how the return succeeds without any problems

The following also applies since June 2014: When buying online, customers always have one 14-day cancellationif you don't like the goods after unpacking. You can find out more about the right of withdrawal in this dispute pilot's guide.

Important for your return: You must have a Declaration of revocation enclose. You can informally declare in one sentence that you want to make use of your right of withdrawal.

That the return is free of charge for youYou can recognize, for example, that the retailer encloses a return label or makes it available for printing. Caution: If the retailer doesn't offer free returns, you should Do not simply send goods back freight collect. The retailer can then still reclaim the shipping costs from you.

  • Since June 2014, online retailers have been generally entitled to let customers bear the costs for returns themselves. There is no longer any limit to the value of goods.
  • However, the retailer may have to inform the customer in a cancellation policy before the purchase that a return is not free of charge for him.
  • In the case of goods that cannot be returned by normal post, the retailer must indicate in advance how high the return costs will be.

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